Virtual PBX Cloud is a familiar keyword in the telecommunications field. However, many people are still doubting the benefits of using Cloud PBX. Let's answer this problem in the article below!

What is Cloud Switchboard?

Cloud PBX is a type of virtual IP PBX on the cloud computing platform. Here, customers can make calls to and from the system with good sound quality at extremely low cost through the provider's server.

Voice data is transmitted over the internet port without the support of line cap like traditional switchboards. Therefore, to use this technology, customers need to be equipped with Internet Protocol-enabled phones.

Cloud virtual switchboard is favored by businesses, schools, hospitals, ... for its many utilities. In particular, users do not need to spend too much money for a bulky system, maintenance staff, ... To learn more about the benefits of using the Cloud switchboard, please read the next section. follow.

Benefits of using Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX brings many benefits to both businesses, customers and suppliers of this product. As follows:

Low investment cost of Cloud switchboard
According to developers, businesses investing in Cloud PBX will no longer need traditional lines and cables. Instead, the compact system, the automatic answering feature of the virtual switchboard will help the investment unit save a lot of costs for maintenance, call staff, ...

Easy to use when connected to the Internet
When your device is connected to the Internet via 3G, 4G, wifi or LAN. No charges for internal calls. In addition, the cost for outbound calls is also reduced to a minimum.

Easy to manage
When expanding branches, businesses do not need to invest in additional Cloud PBXs. All branches and offices can use the same switchboard. Besides, the fast machine will connect with each other simply.

Advanced voice features
Virtual PBX Cloud offers many features when making calls such as:

Display incoming and outgoing calls
Send voice messages
Connect calls between multiple devices
Call forwarding
Block contact
Expanding the system
Cloud PBX can easily expand branches, extensions, ... quickly. Enterprises only need to announce the plan to the operator, at the same time add additional equipment and upgrade the network to serve the expansion.

Integrated prefix
Currently, Cloud PBX can simultaneously connect to many service numbers from 1800/1900 with fixed numbers. They are provided by all carriers nationwide such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel, ...

Disadvantages of Cloud PBX
Besides the practical benefits listed above, Cloud PBX also has certain disadvantages. Enterprises need to base themselves on the purpose of use to consider when choosing Cloud switchboard.

Some disadvantages of Cloud PBX include:

Security: Incoming and outgoing calls are encrypted by the provider. However, when sending them out, leaking data is unavoidable. Therefore, businesses need to have strict security measures.
Internet connection: Cloud switchboard operates entirely on the Internet. Therefore, in the case of an unstable transmission line, poor bandwidth will cause the call quality to be reduced or completely disconnected.
Asset preservation: The call data is the property of the business. Therefore, when using the Cloud switchboard, the data source is not located at the head office or office of the enterprise. This causes psychological anxiety, not eating food for the owner.
Unit providing reputable and quality Cloud switchboard

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