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Promethean interactive screen - Promethean smart interactive whiteboard is an indispensable product for good lectures. Miniature world Promethean screen at your fingertips
Promethean Interactive Display for Education and Business
- Providing the most powerful, seamless and secure user experience, our interactive displays for education offer advanced features tailored to the unique use needs of teachers, instructors, administrators. IT administrators and school leaders. As the world of educational technology advances in exciting new ways, Promethean is here to give you the tools to stay ahead.
Open the door with instructional software designed to foster interaction
- Intuitively designed by teachers to create and deliver lessons that are interactive, engaging, and geared toward breakthrough moments.
Questions asked for the Promethean Interactive Display
- What is an interactive display and what does it do?
- What are the benefits of interactive screens for teachers?
- How much does the screen/interactive board cost?
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- What are the benefits of Promethean interactive displays for the classroom?
    + Managers who want to make a meaningful investment in interactive display technology that supports the mission and vision of their school or district. Innovative and low-maintenance, interactive displays are the ideal long-term investment to personalize learning and enhance collaboration. With a history of more than 25 years designing interactive boards and educational software, Promethean empowers teachers and increases student engagement in the classroom.
- Which interactive display is right for my classroom?
     If you are looking for an interactive display for education, then consider these three points.
     + What features do you need? Promethean interactive displays deliver the highest levels of performance, with advanced features, built-in remote control, screen sharing, screen capture, simultaneous browsing, and more.
     + Need teaching software? Software that provides lessons from Promethean completely free. Check out the hundreds of templates, activities, and resources available today!
     + Are you looking for a more cost-effective solution? Promethean interactive displays have the best value without sacrificing features and functionality.
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