GTC TECH is a genuine distributor of NEC PBX with the best price suitable for the needs of using telephone exchange equipment in businesses. With the goal of expanding the market GTC TECH announces the RECRUITMENT DISTRIBUTOR DISTRIBUTOR NEC PHONES. Agents can distribute all NEC products or choose more products that GTC provides to suit the current location and business scale.
Get HOT OFFER when you become a NEC switchboard distributor
GTC TECH is looking for a partner to DISTRIBUTE NEC PBX nationwide
- SMB PBX system:
    + NEC switchboard SL2100
    + Switchboard NESV9100
- Enterprise PBX system:
    + SV9300 switchboard
    + Switchboard SV9500
    + SV9500 switchboard SE
The outstanding features of the NEC . PBX phone system
- This is an analog PBX line for good power convenience
- Ability to upgrade the system flexibly and easily
- Call greetings can be integrated to make it easier for customers to connect.
- Call free of charge when calling via VOIP
- Improved remote control functionality through devices such as smartphones, mobile phones or computers
- Hold meetings remotely through system connection
- NEC PBX system is also easy to install, maintain and maintain
Integrated communication solutions:
- NEC Web & Video Conferencing
- NEC Mobility & BX SCB
- NEC BCT Operator Solutions & BCT Contact Center
- NEC InApp
Customers, businesses wishing to cooperate as agents and distributors of NEC switchboards, please contact us directly to cooperate and receive high discounts.