Yealink IP phones prioritize quality, Yealink IP phones feature enterprise-grade rich HD color screen models and advanced touch screen phones. Yealink phones become part of your business communications. GTC TECH offers a full range of Yealink phone accessories — power supplies, cables, adapters, and more. In addition, GTC TECH recruits agents, partners to distribute Yealink phones.
Yealink VoIP phones are affordable, high-quality, feature-packed solutions for both small and large organizations. Yealink IP phones can work seamlessly with a large number of compatible IP PBXs that support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and also hosted PBX providers.
Why buy Yealink?
- Yealink phones are feature rich but also take care of the budget so you can afford to deploy them in mass.
- Desk phones come in many configurations and most have dual Ethernet port switches.
- The phone is easy to deploy and configure, including support for mass deployment, automatic firmware configuration and upgrades, and a web interface for local/manual configuration.
Yealink offers several different lines of IP Phones including the T3, T4, T5, and Dect Sip-W series all of which offer different solutions depending on your requirements.
1. Newly Announced Yealink SIP-T3 IP Phone
The Yealink SIP-T3 series is a classic and cost-effective low-end business IP phone for everyday desktop voice communications. With superior HD audio performance, 5-way local conferencing, EHS wireless headset support, and integration of the proven Yealink Device Management Platform, the T3 series maximizes productivity and enhances productivity. Collaboration for businesses of various sizes.
- More powerful performance, more compatibility
+ Equippe
d with powerful chip, SIP-T3 possesses more powerful computing power and more upgraded functions, ensuring higher communication productivity and better voice experience. Yealink SIP-T3 excellent performance, rich scalability more services for different business needs.
- Clear HD sound quality, More flexible communication
Yealink SIP-T3 offers flexible, distraction-free communication with industry-leading advanced Noise Cancellation Technology, delivering superb sound quality without external noise and allowing fluent phone.
- All-in-one convenient management platform
+ The Yealink SIP-T3 device management platform achieves high reliability, fast integration, installed unified firmware, Yealink SIP-T3 is simple to deploy, manage, operate and maintain.
2. Yealink T4U Series IP Phones
The new generation T4U series dramatically improves call experience and work efficiency with dual USB ports, Ultra HD sound quality, faster response speeds and even more advanced features. The new T4U series will be an effective assistant for modern businesses.
- Distracted HD communication
    The Yealink T4U Series provides distraction-free communication with Yealink's industry-leading Sound Shield Technology. Furthermore, by leveraging Yealink's Optima HD audio technology and the addition of Opus to its wide list of audio codecs, Yealink's new T4U series ensures HD audio quality and an uncompromising communication experience. form.
    + By supporting Opus, Yealink T4U series delivers better sound quality in both high-bandwidth and poor-network conditions, compared to other broadband or narrowband codecs.
- USB 2.0 Port, Strong Expansion
+ All T4U models are equipped with dual USB ports, meaning that the entire product line allows users to connect two Bluetooth protectors, a Wi-Fi protector, an EHS40 headset adapter, USB headset or USB disk at the same time. With dual USB ports, the new T4U series adapts flexibly to different situations and needs.
- EXP43 . color expansion module
+ Equipped with Yealink's new EXP43 expansion module, the new T46U/T48U offers a colorful experience, while the old EXP40 only supports grayscale color mode. Moreover, when the EXP43 connects to the grayscale phone model T43U, the interface will automatically switch to grayscale mode, making it more unified.
- Yealink SIP-T43U New Generation
The new generation Yealink SIP-T43U has a 3.7-inch screen with higher resolution. Additional support for EXP43 also makes the new T43U more user-friendly.
3. Yealink SIP-T5 Series
- Yealink has successfully completed another interoperability test of the latest T5XW series IP Phones with the current version of the Metaswitch MetaSphere CFS platform version 9.4 over SIP.
- Yealink SIP-T5 includes T58V/A/W, T53/T53W, T54W, T56A, T57W, VP59, etc. Designed for a wide range of usage scenarios, the Yealink T5 series of multimedia phones offers businesses of all sizes a fully scalable and flexible all-in-one solution.
- Outstanding features of Yealink SIP-T5 Series:
    + Rich features and improved productivity: Up to 15 SIP accounts, dual port GigE, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB headset and more!
    + 2-megapixel adjustable camera and screen: T58V has 2-megapixel adjustable camera and adjustable screen
    + Heads-up display and user experience: Head-up LCD color screen design allows users to view screen information easily and check contact information at a glance.
4. Yealink SIP DECT Phone W5x/W7x
Yealink SIP DECT is ideal for businesses looking for immediate cost savings with scalability and efficiency. Combine multiple handsets, multiple SIP accounts, and concurrent calls with professional telephony features including intercom, transfers, conferencing, and speed dialing.
Yealink's DECT IP Phone is a great choice for businesses looking to add mobility to their work environment with an affordable wireless option.
- Yealink's DECT phones are designed to bring mobility and freedom to users. If you are looking for a solution that offers multi-tasking convenience and professional features such as intercom and 3-party conferencing.
- Yealink DECT solutions are packed with advanced features and up to 30 hours talk time and 16 days standby time! Perfect for longtime users and busy call centers.
Yealink DECT W7/W5 offers a high quality wireless communication experience, making it the ideal solution for businesses ranging from small to medium sized..
GTC TECH pioneers in business communication solutions leading to quality strategic partnerships introducing Yealink branded phones best suited for the SME sector.