Built specifically for smaller businesses, the SL2100 is said to offer a range of cutting-edge features that are completely flexible that can accommodate up to 128 users. Promising outstanding value for money, the SL2100 also claims to be a user-friendly, all-in-one, powerful, reliable solution and ideal for growing businesses. want to increase communication and save money.
However, does the SL2100 really stand up to the hype that NEC has put out? As a global leader in IT & Business Communications solutions, you wouldn't expect anything great from the brand, but can an on-premise solution really compete in a capital-intensive world? already dominated by the cloud?
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How does the NEC SL2100 configuration look?
- The NEC SL2100 chassis is elegant in black, has modest dimensions of 435 x 92.9 x 330 mm, is wall mountable, and has 240 ports per chassis.
- It also has two compatible handsets; one for basic requirements (TXH-A) and one for agents that require slightly more advanced features (8IPLD). The former has 12-24 programmable buttons, a 2-line display, and a 100-digit personal phonebook, while the latter offers 32 programmable buttons, a large backlit 168 x 128 LCD display, and speakerphone. duplex.
What can NEC SL2100 do?
- Built-in feature
   Along with enterprise-class Voice over IP (VoIP), Smart Mobility, and Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), the SL2100 also provides businesses with a range of highly sophisticated integrations such as voicemail, music on hold, mobility, autoresponders, audio conferencing, video conferencing & collaboration, and call recording, all at extremely competitive prices.
   + In this way, small businesses are provided with a highly cost-effective solution that saves them from having to invest in additional external features and allows them to access Unified Communications features that normally may be beyond their reach. Again, it can be used as a flexible TDM solution offering the potential for a future-proof upgrade and significant savings in functionality and alternative hosted solutions.
   + In addition to improving customer service and allowing businesses to interact with customers more successfully, the SL2100 also helps improve collaboration and efficiency in (and out) the workplace by taking a single-digit approach. integrated in web-based conferencing, remote/home worker support, and BYOD compatibility.
- All-in-one solution
    Another appeal of the SL2100 is that it requires no additional PC or server and instead offers an all-in-one solution where each of the following UC features is built into the chassis itself. NEC calls them InApps:
       > InUC - allows businesses to access video conferencing, collaboration, document sharing, Presence and instant messaging for up to 128 users.
       > InReports - grant access to the Smart Call Management app that provides 24/7 "visibility" of company-wide communications, presenting enhanced reports graphically in a graphical format. List, Chart or Wall Board.
       > InGuard - allows businesses to protect themselves against toll fraud attacks by monitoring all call activity 24/7 and detecting any suspicious call activity instantly.
       > InHotel - offers a Front of Home Application system that combines a complete Property Management System with tightly integrated phone system functionality.
    + Each of these features can be quickly activated/deactivated with a fully flexible subscription license that can be granted as needed with minimal effort.
        + Along with rapid deployment, the SL2100 is arguably the most user-friendly to date with 'out of the box' configuration settings that reduce installation time and allow businesses to continue continue to work without interruption.

What do we like about Nec SL2100?
With the SL2100, NEC has clearly invested a lot in developing a solution that fully meets the basic needs of any SME. By providing a fully scalable all-in-one solution that allows businesses to pick and choose the services they need and quickly activate them through an innovative licensing system, the SL2100 saves a lot of money. more valuable time and match the flexibility offered by popular cloud solutions.
Furthermore, thanks to built-in InGuard security, the Nec SL2100 helps reduce stress around security for on-premises PBXs. Typically, businesses that use an on-premises PBX will have to install their own security measures, knowing that not doing it properly can expose them to a number of threats. With the SL2100, however, this weight is lifted and the protection is ready and waiting from the start.
Who is Nec SL2100 for?
- NEC has publicly declared the SL2100 to be a solution developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses - and we believe them. With a capacity of 128 users per server, the SL2100 provides a fully scalable solution that can comfortably support businesses through the ages and provide them with all the features latest to make sure they reach their goals.
The SL2100 is NEC's offering to SMEs with up to 128 employees looking for a cost-effective UC solution that offers full ownership of advanced security and collaboration features. at an affordable price
Furthermore, in a world that is increasingly dominated by cloud technology, it is great to see that an on-premise solution like the SL2100 can still compete and provide a suitable alternative for businesses that do not have access to it. how they want to store their data- site locations. With a flexible, simplified deployment, the SL2100 gives small businesses much greater control over their application costs and provides an ideal all-in-one solution for small business owners looking to save money. Save time and money