The Yealink BH Bluetooth Headset Series, which includes the BH71 Bluetooth Headset, the Basic BH72 Bluetooth Headset and the Essential BH76, is a new series of standard headphones featuring an ultra-compact design and advanced voice technology. is dedicated to empowering users in work and casual situations with powerful voice capabilities, multiple UC features, and a stylish wearing experience as a brand new headset for hybrid workers Future.
Let's GTC TECH Review Yealink BH series Bluetooth headset
Yealink headset line BH
- The Yealink BH line of headphones offers several options for the wearer. It consists of two main different designs: over-the-ear mono headphones and stereo headphones with headbands and earpads.
- Lightweight mono headphones look like what most people usually associate with Bluetooth headphones. However, the appearance of the headset can deceive users. This device offers more than just a simple headset for phone conversations.
Headphone models offer the wearer a stereo sound experience with speakers that cover both ears to help block out ambient sound. These headphones are not only useful for business communication, but also for playing high-quality stereo music. Both the classic and premium models come in many variations offering varying levels of quality and features.
BH71 Mono Bluetooth Wireless Business Headset System
- The BH71 Mono includes a small boom microphone that brings an array of four microphones close to your mouth, ensuring clear voice transmission. These microphones use beamforming noise cancellation technology to ensure your voice is heard clearly while less other noise from the surrounding environment enters.
- This series includes four different models. Each features an innovative headphone and microphone combination that is the same and can be worn in both ears. However, each model comes with additional accessories that enhance headset usage:
    + BH71 comes with a carrying case so you can take it anywhere easily and safely.
    The BH71 Pro model includes a dedicated carrying case with a built-in battery that recharges the headset on the go, extending the already long 10-hour talk time to 20 hours. The Pro model also includes a USB Bluetooth dongle for connecting to devices without native Bluetooth support.
    The BH71 Workstation model includes the BHB710 workstation, an all-in-one accessory that can connect to desk phones, PCs and smartphones simultaneously, providing an integrated communication experience. The workstation features a 3-inch touchscreen so you can manage your calls, and the built-in speakerphone lets you add people around you to the conversation as you wish.
    + Finally, you can enjoy the BH 71 Workstation Pro model, which provides all the Workstation model accessories along with the Pro model's USB Bluetooth dongle and charging case.
- Additional notable features include the ability to create Bluetooth pairing lists for up to eight devices while actively connected to two devices simultaneously. This way you can use it with smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, desk phones and any other Bluetooth enabled device without having to go through the configuration process and pairing every time you switch from one device to another.
- BH series for outstanding sound quality, covering the entire frequency range of human hearing for both loudspeakers and headphones, including frequencies from 80 Hz to 20 kHz. The microphone can pick up virtually all human voices at frequencies between 100 Hz and 8 kHz.
Essential wireless headphones BH72
The BH72 Essential Bluetooth Wireless Headset features multiple microphones and offers up to 40 hours of wireless battery life. It has a retractable hidden microphone arm that can be stretched out when communicating and retracted when listening to music. The arm contains two microphones that use Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology to automatically block out background noise while ensuring that the user's voice can be heard clearly, greatly increasing communication efficiency.
- The headset includes a Bluetooth dongle for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices and is available in both black and light gray. It is available in versions that support many features, including:
    + The shortened version only supports wired charging.
    + The wireless charging version supports wireless charging which can be availed with the optional charging dock.
    + Versions that support Microsoft Teams or Unified Communications (UC) apps
- Useful charging dock for charging wireless charging version headphones and storing when not in use. Additional features include busy lights on either side for full visibility from multiple angles to indicate you're on a call. The loudspeaker covers the entire human audible frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
Premium wireless headset BH76
- The BH76 Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset offers all the features of the BH72 series along with several others ideal for more business-oriented usage. It includes three levels of active noise cancellation (ANC) that you can adjust depending on the environment. Additionally, it supports Qualcomm's aptX digital audio algorithm, allowing the headset to deliver a combination of high-definition professional sound and optimized music playback.
- Additional options and accessories include:
    + Wireless charging dock to charge and store the headset when not in use
    + Five built-in microphones provide enhanced Sound Shield Technology for pristine voice
    + Versions that support Microsoft Teams or Unified Communications
The Yealink BH series Bluetooth wireless headset is a game changer for business communication. With advanced noise cancellation technology, superb sound quality, and long battery life, these headphones offer a superior user experience that can dramatically improve productivity and enhance interactions. of cutomer.