One of the companies that recently entered the wireless headset space is Yealink. Recently, they have introduced several different models of office wireless headsets that are sure to meet the needs of the rapidly growing market.
Yealink wireless headphones come in three different variants; hood, single ear (mono), hood, double ear (Dual) and headset model for those who do not like to wear a headband.
This article is a review of the Yealink WH62 Dual/ Mono Headphone model. The GTC will cover the main features as well as provide a link to a video that, among other things, runs this wireless headset through a wireless range test as well as the ability to reduce unwanted background noise. its.
With that said, let's immediately start this Yealink WH62 office wireless headset review.
Yealink WH62 works by using Dect 6.0 signal. Signals are secured using 64-bit digital encryption that has become the industry standard. This means that when you use this headset, your calls will be private and inaudible. That, as a starting point is a good place to start; Secure your calls. However, this new wireless office headset offers much more.
Wireless talk range
- Yealink WH62 is rated to go up to 525 feet. Most wireless headset manufacturers will give range estimates with actual distances often shorter than the published range. The reason is usually because the stated range is the result of an unobstructed line of sight test, meaning there are no walls or barriers blocking the signal.
- It's the optimal condition to extract the greatest usable wireless range from the headphones although not a real-world test. In a typical office setting, you'll have desks, people, walls made of steel, concrete, bricks, roofing and other obstructions that tend to degrade the signal and, therefore, reduce range. wireless can be used.
- Tested the Yealink WH62 by taking a call and actually walking out of our office and down the street to check how far the wireless range was. When we did this test, there were cars passing by, which gave us the opportunity to test the noise cancellation of the microphone. Learn more about how noise canceling microphones work later.
- In our testing, the Yealink WH62 wireless headphones performed well. In similar tests, we have seen competing models offer less wireless talk range when compared to Yealink WH62. So the impressive Yealink WH62 delivers on the promise of long range wireless talk time.
- While not exact distance measurement, talk range is remarkable and especially good when compared to other earphones we tested..
- For many people, having a long wireless range is important so that they can move freely around their work area without the limitation of wireless distance.
- You can know when a call comes in, answer, talk and end calls even when far away from your desk. So it makes sense that the longer the range, the greater the possibility of wireless freedom.
- The bottom line? We would have appreciated the Yealink WH62 for its wireless talktime range.
- If you want to see our wireless range test, you can watch it on our Yealink WH62 video and fast forward to 7:38.
- Yealink WH62 is lighter than many wireless headphones of the same type in this headset line. It's lightweight at 2.8 ounces making it one of the lightest monochrome headphones out there.
In addition, when this light weight is evenly distributed on the headband, it will make you feel like you are not wearing headphones. This is important, especially if you are a Call Center Agent, for example, where you wear your headset throughout the day.
- Ear cushions. The fully padded WH62 ear cushions compliment the lightweight, comfortable feel of a lightweight wireless office headset with enough padding that anyone, even Call Center employees, can find comfort. good roof for all day wear.
Talk time
- Yealink WH62 has a strong battery that provides up to 13 hours of continuous talk time (up to 14 hours for dual ear models).
- Standby time - 90 hours
- Battery charging time: 2.5 hours
- If you have a job that requires you to spend many days in communication, it is very useful to have a wireless headset with a long battery life like the Yealink wireless headset.
- It's frustrating in the middle of a call with an important client when you notice that your office wireless headset's battery is running low. That can ruin an important moment in your conversation and make things go in a different direction.
- When shopping for a wireless office headset, one thing you need to keep in mind is the estimated talk time. Remember that chat times are estimates only and are not exact.
- For example, the Plantronics CS540 wireless headset, sometimes called the C054, claims 7 hours of talk time. However, if you operate in wideband rather than narrowband, your talk time drops to about 4 hours. Again, ask questions and be clear about how much talk time actually goes into the product you're considering.
- Audio can be broken down in several ways. What we look at is how well the Yealink WH62 microphone picks up voice communications, as well as how it works to eliminate unwanted background sounds.
- First, voice quality. Yealink WH62, the sound is acceptable although it seems to lack the richness you hear in other brands. The sound seems to hover near the midrange and doesn't use much in the way of producing a deep, deep sound like the bass even though it claims to be HD audio. HD, by definition, leaves you somewhat impressed with its rich and clear sound.
- Regarding the sound quality of the wireless headset microphone, the GTC gives a good score of the Yealink WH62.
Noise cancellation
- Yealink WH62 did a great job of eliminating unwanted background noise. Perhaps this is partly because this product has a unique microphone setup. It has two microphones located on the handlebar. Other headsets have a microphone.
- Yealink calls this technology “Sound Shield” From what GTC can tell, it works pretty well.
- Tested this wireless headset with loud music nearby, and GTC tested it while walking down the street with cars passing by. In both cases, the Yealink WH62 did a good job of canceling out background noise while allowing voices to be heard with little or no distracting noise. Bravo Yealink does a good job.
- If you want to hear it for yourself, go to our video review and fast-forward to the 5:50 mark in the video.
- The GTC would give the Yealink WH62 a score for the microphone's sound quality, although a high rating for its ability to cancel out unwanted background noise. Yealink WH62 great working tool.
- Headset head. On the headset, you have the following adjustments at your fingertips
    + Adjust the auditory volume to increase or decrease the listening volume.
    + Mute microphone to mute microphone for side chat.
    + Answer / End the call. This is one touch answer and one touch feature
- Headset has a unique feature designed into the microphone boom arm. If you raise it to avoid and it reaches 30 degrees, it will automatically mute (mute) the microphone.
- This is a nice, nifty feature called “smart mute” that makes it easy to mute your microphone. To restore sound to the microphone, simply pull down the handwheel and the sound will resume. This is a unique feature that you won't find on other wireless headphones.
- In terms of movement, the microphone arm rotates fully 320 degrees. This provides plenty of space to move your microphone to a position of your choice
Magnetic headphone jack
- Yealink WH62 attaches to the upper part of the charging dock magnetically. It stores headphones and charges at the same time. While it achieves those two things, the design could be improved so that it has a more stable and secure fit once attached to the base.
- I admit that this can be a little tricky as it works by design, but we just want to see it dock more safely.
The Yealink WH62 charging dock has the following features:
- Landline. If you want to use the headset with a desk phone, you just need to press the button that shows the desk phone icon. Simple huh? One-touch control.
- Computer. Let's say you prefer to use a headset with your computer to make a video conference call or maybe make a Softphone call. Just press the button to display the computer screen. Get started quickly and without confusion.
- Microsoft Teams. If you use Microsoft Teams, Yealink WH62 has you covered. A convenient button on the WH62 base gives you quick access to that application, and the WH62 has been certified by Microsoft Teams. Connecting has never been easier.
- Bell. There's a ringtone on the base of the headset that lets you know when you've received an incoming call. Without this feature, you will have to turn on the headset to listen to incoming calls. So this nifty feature gives you more flexibility. This is a feature commonly found on high-end wireless office headsets, which is a great addition to office wireless headsets that are considered low-end models.
- Yealink WH62 can connect to a computer with the included USB cable and it can also connect to an iP phone via the included cable. Both devices can be plugged in at the same time using the supplied cables. When you want to use Yealink WH62 with your computer or iP phone, just select the corresponding button on the charging dock.
- IP phone connectivity is, at the moment, limited to Yealink T30, T30P, T31, T31PT31G, T33P and T33G models only. It can also work with some Polycom (Poly) iP phone models such as the VVX 250, 350 450,310, 410, 401 and 501, as well as the SNOM D765 model.
- Additional compatible phone models will be added over time, but for now, these are brand models to which the WH62 can connect.
- Being able to connect to these two devices gives you good flexibility. Whether you're using an IP phone or a computer Softphone, the WH62 can protect you both ways. You'll also appreciate the WH62 if you're making video calls. Dual microphones will help tame that unwanted background noise and help you hear louder and clearer. Your callers will also appreciate distraction-free calling.
Optional busy light
- Anyone who is on a call while wearing a headset knows that interruptions are common. After all, your coworker really doesn't know if you're on the phone or not. Now, with the Yealink BLT60 busy light, your co-workers will know when you're on a call and won't be disturbed. It also provides presence status for landline/Softphone with color.
- The BLT60 easily attaches to the WH62 base. It has a 3.5mm pin connector that plugs right into the WH62 base. Once connected, the BLT60 will light red when you are on a call. When someone sees a red light, they know to avoid talking to you at that time.
- This optional accessory comes with a 1.8 meter (6 foot) cable that allows you to place it where it's easy to see, such as on your computer screen or on the wall of your cabinet. term. To view pictures of the BLT60 busy light, click on the link below:

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