Sangoma PBXact UC 25

Sangoma PBXact UC System 25

Sangoma PBXact UC 25 Phone System is ideal for small businesses and supports up to 25 licensed extensions and 15 simultaneous calls. It is Sangoma's smallest on premise based appliance for businesses looking to seamlessly integrate IP phones and SIP trunks.

Mã Product: UC-25

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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The Sangoma PBXact UC phone system is designed for companies needing a commercially supported, fully featured, business communications turnkey solution. PBXact comes with an extensive set of Unified Communications features such as Phones Apps productivity features with Sangoma IP phones, UCP for web-based communications and Zulu UC for desktop and CRM integration, all facilitating collaboration and productivity.

PBXact is based on the world’s most popular open source PBX platform, FreePBX. It bundles in advanced functionality and tightly integrate this functionality across phones, web-based user control panels and operator panels. PBXact provides one of the easiest systems for users to get started using, with little or no training.

Sangoma PBXact UC 25 Features
25 Users/15 Simultaneous Calls
Quad Core Processor
Single 120GB SSD
2GB Ram
4 GB Network Ports
Small Form Factor Case
Console Web GUI SSH
1 VGA Port

Sangoma PBXact Phone System Highlights
PBXact includes:
Call Recording Reports
Class of Service
Conference Pro
EndPoint Manager (for Sangoma Phones)
Phone Apps (for Sangoma Phones)
User Control Panel/UCP (for Sangoma Phones)
Extension Routing
Fax Pro
Page Pro
Park Pro
Zulu UC Desktop Integration
SysAdmin Pro
Voicemail Notify
Voicemail Reports
Additional functionality can be purchased:
Third Party Phone Support (for Non-Sangoma IP Phones)
Call/Contact Center Features (Enhanced Call Center Functionality)
Operator Panel / Wall Boards
High Availability (License Required per PBX Node. Excludes PBXact UC 25, 40 & 60)