Conference Solution Yealink Zoom Room

Video Solutions for Any Meeting Space Yealink's Zoom partners with Zoom to provide you with the best video solution that integrates with pre-installed Zoom Rooms software. Many options are available for different meeting needs.

IP Announcement Sound Solution

Complete high-quality intelligently and easily generated audio that you can use in a variety of situations: Improve security on your premises with event-triggered notifications and live captions. Make live or scheduled announcements in different regions, at the right time and place. Creating an atmosphere is easy and flexible with great-sounding background music. All while enjoying the many benefits of a network audio system

ZYCOO IP Audio Solution

The Audio over IP solution has become more popular these days, so by introducing features like contact closure, forwarding, event management, scheduling, priority management. Zycoo IP audio system for broadcast quality. If you need to distribute audio in your company over an IP network, the Zycoo IP audio system is the best solution. Broadcast advertising messages or other IP announcements over easy distance with our wide range of products

Solution Yealink MeetingBar

Enhance your collaboration experience in small to mid-sized rooms with Yealink MeetingBar! Find out why MeetingBar A20 and A30 are the perfect choice for those who love novelty, especially for SME customers. Get started with a simple, smart, and sustainable Yealink MeetingBar video conferencing solution for the modern workplace, enhancing business collaboration

Yealink video conferencing solution

Yealink provides a full range of audio and video solutions for Microsoft Teams. A great choice for meeting rooms of any size, users can experience innovative communication through Yealink's flagship conferencing equipment. From high-quality video calling to content sharing, your meeting room will be able to connect and collaborate like never before.

Yealink Meeting solution for education

If you work with educational institutions, you should know about Yealink and its communication solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the education industry. By taking advantage of Yealink's Education Reseller Program, you'll be able to provide a robust and reliable solution at a highly competitive price.

Yealink CP960-UVC video solution for Zoom Room

You are in need of a video call experience with high quality audio, good noise cancellation technology.

Solutions for businesses

Solutions for businesses

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