Speaker IP Zycoo SQ10-B

Speaker IP Zycoo SQ10-B (SIP Support) - Cost Savings!

Zycoo Speaker SQ10-B is a full-featured and SIP-enabled high performance loudspeaker. Zycoo IP Announcer SQ10-B with built-in microphone enables half-duplex or full-duplex paging or intercom. internally based on the software platform used
- Support Standard SIP
- Built-in 10W . power amplifier
- Built-in microphone
- PoE . Power Support
- Support Auto Provisioning function
- Configuration by Web interface
- Maximum power output 91dB
- HD audio standard
- Transmitter range 30m
- Indoor installation

Mã Product: SQ10-B

Bảo hành: 24 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Zycoo SQ10-B Speaker is an IP announcement speaker that provides two-way communication anytime, anywhere and can be used to alert people in an office or building to an incoming audio message or announcement. emergency. The ZyCoo SQ10-B IP Announcer Speaker is perfect for use in situations such as classrooms, libraries, and offices.
Why does Zycoo SQ10-B meet a wide range of usage environments?
- SIP support
- Auto-provision support
- Built-in 10W amplifier.
- HD Audio
- 10/100Mbps network port
- Standard PoE support
- Install via Web interface.
Built-in microphone, intercom or 2-way communication anywhere, anytime based on the software platform used. When used with Push-to-Talk, it is possible to initiate calls to a predetermined extension or trigger an action from the room where the speaker is located.