The introduction of voip technology not only helps businesses find professional system management solutions. But it also improves productivity and improves working efficiency.

How Voicemail works
Email voicemail sends notification of voicemail directly to your email inbox. Emails usually include the time and date of the message as well as the caller ID information of the caller.

Depending on your personal preferences and what your carrier allows, there are a few different ways this feature might work:
- Receive email recording attachment - A notification email with new voicemail attached as a .wav or .mp3 file is sent to your inbox. The message will also be saved in your voicemail so you can access it again later.
- Receive email with recording, no recording - A notification email with new voicemail will be sent to your inbox. After sending the email, the voicemail file is automatically deleted from your voicemail.
- Receive emails only (no attachments) - A notification email will be sent to your inbox indicating new messages are waiting in your voicemail.