UPS UPS 1kVA ONLINE high-tech UPS product line helps to protect and maintain a stable power supply for equipment with high requirements on power quality against unexpected problems in a certain period of time. .
- Technology: On-line double conversion
- Input power factor: 99%
- Input voltage: 220VAC 1 phase + G + N
- Input voltage range: 145÷295 VAC at 100% load
- Input frequency: 45~65 Hz
- Output power factor: 0.9 (kVA/kW)
- Output voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC 1 phase + N (selectable)
- Output frequency: 50Hz ±1%
- Maintenance-free sealed dry lead acid battery.
- Save power for 5 minutes

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UPS 1kva online UPS is compatible with all devices and is applied in many existing fields and industries. is a line of high quality products, imported directly from Europe. Has preeminent features: Microprocessor control, energy saving, overload protection, battery, short circuit protection, cold start, automatic battery test
What's outstanding about UPSET's 1kVA Online UPS?
UPS 1kVA UPSET is one of the European technology products and one of the most popular products on the market today.
UPS UPS UPS 1KVA online PA-1000
- Online double conversion technology
- DSP digital control technology
- Wide input voltage range
- Output power factor: 0.9
- LCD display, friendly interface easy to use
- Standard sine wave with noise <3%
- Self-diagnosis when the UPS starts
- Cold start function
- Automatically charge the battery when the UPS is off
- Anti-lightning, anti-electrical leakage
- Short circuit and overload protection
UPSET's 1kVA Online UPS has a small capacity, suitable for small capacity equipment, for households. In addition, 1kva UPS can also be used for network equipment, for testing machines, office equipment...
UPSet 1kVA Online 1/1 UPSet Power active PA-1000 is a high quality product line, imported directly from Europe. This is one of the hottest 1kVA UPS on the market today. GTC TECH distributes 1kVA Online UPS UPS with genuine guarantee, competitive price

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