UPSET - Protect your devices
GTC TECH is a leading supplier of UPSET backup power solutions or UPS devices. UPSET products are outstanding quality, high performance and reasonable price. UPS UPS is one of the most used UPS series today.
UPSET UPS is a product trusted by many customers. With quite good quality and reasonable price, UPS UPSET has been trusted and used by many businesses.
GTC TECH specializes in providing UPS UPS products of all kinds of capacity, genuine imported goods, full belt of components, with CO - CQ certificate, reasonable price, superior features:
- Microprocessor control, energy saving.
- Standard Sine wave, anti-set, anti-detection
- Environmentally friendly, overload protection.
- Integrated remote control, system management via internet.
- Easy to operate and use
- UPSET UPS Short circuit protection, cold start, automatic battery test...
- Online double conversion technology
- Wide input voltage range
- Advanced technology to improve power factor
- Self-diagnosis when the UPS starts
- Advanced Battery Manager (ABM)
- Automatically charge the battery when the UPS is off
- UPSET Short circuit and overload protection
- Automatically adjust fan speed according to load
- Battery expansion option
- Schedule UPS shutdown and restart using UPS management software
UPS UPSET is one of the European technology products. Products are made in Turkey and are imported directly to Vietnam. Through a professional production process, rigorous testing, UPS UPSET becomes one of the great products. UPS UPSET is one of the most used UPS series today