360ºconference camera immersive collaboration

The 360º camera has ushered in a new era of video conferencing, revolutionizing the way we connect and collaborate remotely. In the modern business landscape, there has been a significant increase in reliance on video conferencing. The 360º camera has become an essential tool for communication, collaboration and decision making.

Yealink's Video Bar System for Zoom

As one of the first Zoom Rooms partners, Yealink believes in bringing simple, easy-to-use devices with a pleasant user experience to everyone. By working with Zoom to provide Zoom-certified telephony and video solutions for every user situation, Yealink makes a full range of devices. Yealink video solutions for Zoom Rooms for small, medium and large meeting rooms, and Yealink offers all-inclusive solutions with the MeetingBar video bar.

What is a meeting room monitor and how to choose it?

Room Display is a touch screen digital signage mainly placed at the entrance to a meeting room or related office space. It is usually mounted on a wall or glass window to display room related information such as Room Name, Availability, Schedule and can provide interactive booking activities.

Yeastar Workplace product launch in April 2023

YeastarWorkplace is the perfect solution for you to cut down on waste—not only in unused meeting space but also in energy. Yeastar introduces a number of products launched this April such as: Yeastar's latest smart wall switch designed for modern meeting rooms. With it, the light can automatically turn off when people leave the room and outside working hours

Workshop "Yastar Day 2022 – Keep It Up"

The "Yastar Day 2022 - Keep It Up" conference is a combined event for professionals, VoIP agents, engineers, employees... in the field of unified communications and digital workplaces. . Yeastar Day 2022 Seminar, a mixed event combining Yeastar's virtual and in-person experiences to service providers and telecommunications and IT agents around the world for a live experience

10 benefits of video conferencing for businesses

The first and most significant benefit that many businesses mention is the solution to reduce operating and travel costs when businesses have many branches. Top 10 benefits of video conferencing in business to help minimize travel between branches in the business.