Is your business facing some problems in terms of competition, customer access, customer care, and reduction of call center management? connect multiple branches and still save costs?. Why don't you think of hiring a virtual switchboard today to solve all the problems your business is looking for a solution for. GTC Tech is a reputable and quality virtual switchboard rental service provider (Cloud PBX) that gives your business the ultimate experience of service quality.
    Should I hire a virtual PBX? Benefits of renting a virtual PBX service.
    Optimizing the cost of virtual PBX rental packages
    Should businesses buy or rent a virtual PBX (Cloud PBX)?
    What makes you choose to hire a virtual switchboard?
    Which virtual switchboard rental service provider is reputable?
Rent a Virtual PBX at a low cost, fully integrated with basic features. This is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses and companies. With flexible scalability, optimal cost savings, etc. Simplify the telecommunications infrastructure of enterprises.
Which customers can virtual switchboards apply to?
- Undeniably, virtual PBX plays an important role in contributing to the success of users. Currently, the virtual PBX service (Cloud PBX) is applied to many customers, specifically:
   + Enterprises need to use the switchboard. But do not want to invest in a separate PBX system.
   + Enterprises have many branches, and want to expand, employees operate in different locations.
   + Enterprises do not have a fixed office or move offices.
   + Businesses want to be professional in customer care support.

What benefits do businesses receive when renting a virtual switchboard?
- Simplify the connection of enterprise telecommunications infrastructure
   + For a traditional switchboard, businesses have to spend a large amount of money to buy and install the switchboard in their company. This old model of PBX is quite expensive. In addition, traditional PBX requires internal skills to be able to administer information technology and maintain technical telephone equipment.
   + Virtual PBX is different from Analog PBX in that the enterprise's telecommunications infrastructure system is virtualized. The connection, communication is routed through the Internet, flexible. Businesses only need a router and a VoIP Phone.
- Hire a virtual radio station to help strengthen the company's competitive position in biosecurity
   + Improve employee productivity and effective customer care by equipping them with professional tools. Especially optimized for customer relationship management and development. This is an extremely important factor that increases the accessibility to customers and the speed of employees' work thanks to the unified communication system.
   + Virtual switchboard optimally meets the needs of customer relationship management and uses multi-channels to interact with customers, directing customers to your business. At the same time, use a unified system on the means of communication.
- Suitable for all sizes of professional use
   + Enterprises renting a virtual PBX need to be equipped with IP terminals suitable for professional use such as: IP phones not only meet the needs of listening, calling, recording and managing calls of enterprises. business, but also allows you to benefit from the high quality of communication and many other special features that are integrated.
- Easy to integrate with suitable solutions for more effective customer care
   + Virtual PBX system can fully integrate many applications to support effective work. Especially, the management and customer care are always stable and reputable.

What do businesses get when using the service of renting a virtual switchboard?
- Effective for management in the business: This is the perfect and optimal solution for businesses with many fixed or non-fixed branches.
   + Low cost, less expensive. Customers only need to invest in terminal equipment (IP phones, computers, etc.), and do not need to invest in switchboard equipment.
   + No need for maintenance, warranty, installation, no need to worry about equipment damage.
   + Quick deployment time and simple to use right after registration, respond to requests within 24-48 hours.
   + Low cost customers only require services with specific quantities and quantities.
   + Scalability, connectivity, can meet rapidly changing needs within 24 hours.
   + Scenarios for dialogue as well as new functions that need to be changed will be installed quickly within 24 hours.
   + Reduce the volume of personnel to administer the switchboard system or lose the cost of hiring services to perform administration and change in case of necessity.
- Reduce the burden on personnel investment
   + With a business virtual PBX, you do not need to maintain personnel to manage the switchboard system. All administration, configuration, and installation tasks are done via the internet with a web browser and using the enterprise's existing intranet system.
   + Virtual PBX service allows users to use internal voice without any additional costs. Thereby helping businesses minimize costs for personnel management, maintenance, and system upgrades.
   + Previously, businesses that used a traditional switchboard when they wanted to change the scenario or edit the configuration had to hire a technician specializing in the switchboard to set up, the one-time cost was 10% of the switchboard value for one time setup. . Today, with the virtual switchboard service, it is different, customers just need to "alo" or send an email to request the service provider to be supported completely free of charge.

- Increase opportunities to approach, attract and take care of customers
   + Currently, the online business on the Internet is very developed, online sales channels are always interested by businesses. Therefore, it is required that answering customer questions as well as new orders must be flexible, fast and professional. Therefore, investing in a PBX system like a virtual PBX is very necessary.
   + Survival opportunity in online (online) business. If missing an important call is losing a customer just because the operator is absent at that time, or the phone network is interrupted, a technical problem will arise that will cause great damage to the business. .
   + With the traditional PBX system. It is imperative that your business has an employee on call throughout. This employee will receive calls from customers or partners and then transfer to the phone number of the department to be contacted. If the person you need to contact is absent, the operator will still receive the information and then pass it on to the department in charge.
Should businesses consider buying or renting a virtual PBX?
- In the past, businesses often bought a switchboard system installed in the company. However, in the current development era of VoIP technology and the industrial revolution 4.0. Choosing to rent a virtual switchboard is a new trend with many accompanying utilities.
- To be able to determine whether your business should buy or rent a Virtual PBX. Let's compare with GTC Tech the advantages and disadvantages of which solution is optimal for businesses.
   + Buy
       . Depending on the type of switchboard, the initial cost your business has to spend.
       . Need a large power source to operate, high operating and management personnel costs.
     Operational management:
       . IP PBX necessarily have specialized IT staff to operate.
       . Must have a Server room to install to ensure 24/7 network operation.
       . It is necessary to upgrade complex network transmission lines and electricity to prevent risks.
   + Rent: Renting a virtual switchboard is popular today and is chosen by many businesses. This form helps businesses reduce operating machinery and maximize costs. Virtual PBX is suitable for all small and medium businesses, especially for service providers. Such as customer care switchboard, Spa, restaurant, hotel, hospital, air ticket sales, tourism, legal advice ...
       . Initial investment costs: You do not need to spend initial investment costs.
       . Operating costs: Flexible depending on the needs of customers to choose for a package of 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 users and do not incur any additional costs.
      Operational management:
       . No need for specialized IT staff, technical support from the supplier.
       . No need for a server room, the virtual switchboard is located in the data centers of the service provider. It is cloud-based, so you only need an Internet connection to use it.
       . Upgrade and expand easily, quickly, and optimize costs for businesses.

What factors does the price of renting a virtual switchboard (CloudPBX) depend on?
- The price of the service of renting a virtual switchboard is diverse and rich. Tailored to the needs of the business. Thereby the price will depend on different demand factors:
   + Number of extensions: Usually popular packages with extensions 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 or more and when the usage demand increases according to the needs of your business.
   + Number of simultaneous calls: With one locomotive, the operator can listen, call and receive all customer calls anytime, anywhere.
   + Additional costs: Additional costs based on business needs such as fee management. Need to increase file saving time, recording, increase storage space, export report file or connect API.
   + Flexible customer support service: The factor does not have much influence on the price of virtual switchboard service.
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GTC Tech is a reputable and quality virtual call center service provider that brings you the most useful information. Contact GTC Tech today for a free consultation and design a virtual switchboard rental package that is right for your business!

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