VIVANCO VCFANTN01S2LS optical cable

VIVANCO VCFANTN01S2LS optical cable

VIVANCO VCFANTN01S2LS optical cable

Mã Product: -VCFANTN01S2LS

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Indoor Tight Buffered Fiber Cable, 1 core, Single mode VIVANCO VCFANTN01S2LS
- Singlemode core has the advantages of low atte-nuation, low dispersion and low polarization mode dispersion.
- High-strength aramid reinforcement, optical fibre without tensile strain to ensure long-term stability of optical fibre ransmission characteristics.
- Indoor optical fibre cable has light weight, high degree of flexibility, small bending radius, stress, strain and excellent performance.
- Being installed in the limited space of the wall, roof and the pipe etc with tangle-free effect.
- Applications: Multi optical fiber jumper Backbone distribution cable in building.


Specifications VIVANCO VCFANTN01S2LS optical cable
Part Number: VCFANTN01S2LS
- Category: Indoor
- Sheath Type: Tight Buffered
- Cores: 1
- Fiber type: OS2
- Sheath Material: LSZH
- Color: Yelow
- Mode type: Single mode
- Cable Size: 3.0±0.2 mm
- Cable Weight: 6.3kg
- Tensile Strength Long/Short Term N: 30/100
- Bending Radius Static/Dynamic: 20D/10D

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