What is Voice Brandname?
Brand building and sustainable development with the brand is always a long-term orientation that businesses aim for. Therefore, with Voice Brandname will be a solution to help companies and corporations easily impress their customers. Voice Brandname has a special feature that is different from normal calls that appears brand name then make a call. Instead of normal phone numbers, it is difficult to remember and leave no mark. With Voice Brandname, customers can see brand names and are easier to remember. This is one of the solutions that many companies and businesses apply to create professionalism and easily connect the best calls.

The benefits of using Voice Brandname
Voice Brandname brings practical benefits to companies or corporations such as:

Easy to take care of and advise customers with brand positioning

Make a mark, create a firm brand in the hearts of customers. Improve the brand value of businesses

Minimize the amount spent to own some beautiful switchboards for the brand. Because of Brandname, customers will know you with their brand name.

The percentage of customers who engage and respond is higher when a special brand appears.

Easily connect with existing PBX systems of companies

Which businesses do choose Voice Brandname
Voice Brandname is one of the very useful solutions in today's strong technology development platform. With the visual benefits of effective customer interaction and identity. Many units and businesses in different fields can use such as: educational organizations, health care centers, or companies, large corporations ... ..

One of the salient features of Voice Brandname
Easily generate reports, manage phone numbers registered hotline and voice brandname. You can choose the criteria of call time, call number and customer care performance.

Support for better customer care: Customers will feel confident with phone numbers with Brandname, consultation and care are also easier when they have trust. All information about the call is also stored in the system for easy access by the business.

Declare and easily manage Brandname: after registration and approval, you can use Brandnamde to carry out marketing campaigns and customer care very conveniently.

Voice Brandname Solution for businesses
Currently, there are 2 models that GTC Telecom provides to businesses, that is for companies that do not have a PBX system and companies that have a PBX system.

For companies that do not have a switchboard
The system will charge on the actual number of time calls and the fee to display according to Brandname in accordance with regulations

Charge for Brandname voice by voice block 1 minute + 1 minute

The cost of a premium service includes 2 types:

Cost of declaring, connecting and managing Brandname

Voice cost for Voice Brandname

For companies that already have a supplier's PBX system
Implementation form

Enterprises and companies that register to declare digital information Hotline Siptrunking on the PBX system that you are using

Customers are consulted and signed contracts with Voice Brandname service providers

After signing the use contract, the service provider will associate the SIP Trunking number with the Brandame signed by the business.

Base switchboard and Brandname will be 2 separate fee systems. You still have to pay fees from the original operator and Brandname in accordance with the signed contract.

Fee calculation method:

The cost of the fee from the PBX system will be calculated according to the tariff you have specified with the operator

As for the Voice Brandname system, there will be a charge from the actual data of your calls with Brandname prefix.

Price list of Voice Brandname fees


Fee Category

Expected fare (VND)

Unit of measure (VND)

1, Voice charge for Voice Brandname

- Model 1

Voice Brandname Voice


/ voice minutes

- Model 2

Voice Brandname Voice



2, Fee for creating, connecting and maintaining Brandname

- Fee for connecting and maintaining Brandname connection with the first hotline number

500,000 VND

/ Hotline

/ Brandname


- Charge for connecting and maintaining Brandname connection (from the second hotline number)

100,000 VND

/ Hotline side

/ Brandname


Voice Brandname service is being used very widely in large corporations and companies in the world as well as in Vietnam. Contact the hotline with GTC Telecom immediately for advice and get the best incentives.

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