Instead of exchanging contact information over a regular desk phone. Currently, many users enjoy using ip phone, viber, skype applications to exchange and work with customers in the fastest and most friendly way.
Therefore, voip technology appears to be a technological revolution that purely changes traditional communication methods. Easy to use, fast connection, effective management, big dream ... Will bring to small and medium enterprises effective management and business solutions, creating innovation steps before competitors .

What is voip technology?
- The voip technology in English is Voice over Internet Protocol. The essence of voip is a communication method using TCP / IP based on the existing infrastructure of the Internet. This technology is based on packet switching technology, replacing old voice transmission technology using channel switching.
- In simple terms, voip technology is almost like software, how to send or multiply emails. It allows multiplexing many voice channels on a signal line transmitted over the Internet, helping to reduce costs significantly compared to normal calling.

Voip technology development trend in Vietnam
- VoIP uses digital and requires a high-speed bandwidth connection like DSL or cable. Starting the application of voip technology, network operators VNPT, SPT, Viettel offer service packages to meet the needs of users.
- Currently, the number of businesses applying voip technology to work and manage more and more. Partly follow the trend of developing internet technology and synchronize business management to improve productivity and efficiency in a new modern style.