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Detailed information about IP PBX
The increasingly developed telecommunications network has brought about many positive changes in people's lives. In which, IP PBX is an extremely important voice system, plays a big role in communication and connection.
To learn about IP PBX - an early concept but quite new to consumers, let's find out the following article.
What is IP PBX?
IP PBX is an IP-based voice system. When using the IP PBX, consumers, in addition to making internal calls, calling to PSTN or mobile networks, can also transmit voice or video on LAN, WAN, internet, ...
Why use IP PBX?
IP PBX is a service commonly used in businesses because of its outstanding features and uses. In particular, IP PBX is also considered as a powerful tool, supporting in many departments, integrated with other enterprise management applications such as CRM - customer relationship management or ERP - management. warehouse services, logistics, ...
Not only that, the deployment of this switchboard system also helps companies or businesses reduce many costs for installation and operation. We can include infrastructure investment costs, management costs, long distance calling costs, ... This can be explained, because the internal IP PBX system is built on IP. and take advantage of the available network infrastructure and resources of the enterprise.
Not only that, it has features from basic to advanced, which is a significant advantage over the traditional PBX equipment before. Therefore, today's IP PBX is a service product that is loved and used by many customers or businesses.
Advantages and disadvantages of IP PBX
Advantages of IP PBX
IP Phone PBX is a switchboard with many outstanding advantages. One of the advantages can be mentioned as follows:
Easy to install and configure
Internal IP PBX is relatively simple and easy to use. Just having a basic understanding of information technology is able to use and even build IP telephone exchange systems.
Easy maintenance
The PBX IP PBX has a web-based management interface for both administrators and users. As a result, it allows users to easily manage, maintain and control the equipment system and is considered a major difference compared to the traditional PBX system.
Reduce call costs
You can save on call costs by using low cost VoIP PBX service providers for international, long distance calls. From there, you can easily create connections between telephone switchboards in many offices and branches to make internal and inter-branch calls completely free.
Sharing infrastructure with LAN
IP telephone switchboards use the same LAN infrastructure of the business, thus minimizing investment costs for infrastructure or operating and maintenance costs for that line. It provides flexibility to add or remove extension phones in line.
Terminal diversity
There are many terminals that allow compatibility with IP PBX systems so it is easy to use anytime, anywhere. Not only that, it also has the ability to perform a number of modern features such as number display, phone transfer, contacts, conference, video call, ...
Owns more functions
With today's modern technology, IP phone switchboard has been constantly being developed by researchers, integrating more applications or features according to the needs of users. Most of the PBX equipment products have full functions of auto attendant, voicemail, ...
Disadvantages of IP PBX
Compared with conventional phones, the price of IP PBX equipment is quite high. However, there are still many consumers who are willing to pay the above amount to be able to own its outstanding features and uses.
In addition, you can also search for cheap IP PBXs through service packages of providers. This can save you a sizable amount of money.
Application of IP PBX
Internal IP PBX is used in many businesses by its ability to call inter-branch or to integrate with management systems such as CRM, ERP to manage stores and businesses. With the advantages of installation, ease of use and many other features, IP PBX is still a perfect choice for many businesses.
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