GTC TECH hottest deals in March Yeastar S20, S50, P550, P560, P570 ip switchboard combo and Yealink T30 PSU ip phone at the best prices exclusively for agents

Yeastar upgraded the PBX P-Series system

Yeastar will update many new advanced features for your P-Series IP PBX System for you, including: Video call on new Linkus Desktop client on Linkus Mobile Client (iOS) Video preview via top door phone Linkus Web/Desktop & hellip

Yeastar Workplace product launch in April 2023

YeastarWorkplace is the perfect solution for you to cut down on waste—not only in unused meeting space but also in energy. Yeastar introduces a number of products launched this April such as: Yeastar's latest smart wall switch designed for modern meeting rooms. With it, the light can automatically turn off when people leave the room and outside working hours

Recruiting agents to distribute NEC switchboards

Great opportunity for individuals, organizations and businesses to register and cooperate as a distribution agent for NEC switchboards and GTC TECH with quality products, high discounts, and enthusiastic support.

Recruiting agents to distribute switchboard-telephone

GTC TECH, a supplier of IT - Telecommunication equipment and VOIP solutions of famous brands, always ensures the best quality and price to customers, partners, agents... GTC TECH continues to recruit Distribution agents Switchboard - Telephone jointly developed throughout the provinces/cities.

Combo October Promotion

Jubilant promotion "October special - many attractive gifts - unchanged price". With spending in October, the price remains the same when buying Yeastar Switchboard + IP Phone (Of any brand such as Yealink, Panasonic, Fanvil, Nec, Sangoma...) GTC TECH offers many attractive gifts for customers. and Agents.