Webcam Yealink UVC20
  • Webcam Yealink UVC20
  • Webcam Yealink UVC20

Webcam Yealink UVC20

Yealink UVC20 is one of the latest webcam products of Yealink to serve for meetings and conferences. Yealink UVC20 has many other advantages over its predecessor, such as:

  • 5MP sharp recording lens
  • The omnidirectional microphone has a very responsive voice response
  • The camera works stably with very good autofocus and focus

Mã Product: UVC20

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

2,200,000đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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Introduction of Webcam Yealink UVC20
Webcam Yealink UVC20 is a very good product rating on the market today. The nyaf product can be connected to all the conference softwares currently on the market. The UVC20 camera elevates an excellent visual experience compared to conventional conference webcams. This will be a great choice for future businesses.

Yealink UVC20 Special Advantages
As a newly launched product line, it is no surprise that the Yealink UVC20 has some of the great features that its predecessor did not have.

Experience the best image and video quality

Yealink UVC20 is the best camera decoration with 5MP. With 5MP, you can view images in 1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 30 fps)

This product also has an omnidirectional mic built into the camera. This Mic will help Yealink UVC20 recognize voice better with a very wide distance up to 4.9 feet.

Smart Light is the best source of image quality.

Smart Light will be the main factor and bring the optimal of Yealink UVC40. With Smart Light, your images when captured from the camera will be processed such as auto balance, face detection and user focus. Therefore, your images through UVC40 still ensure the best image quality.

Easy to install and use

Yealink UVC20 easily connects to all today's terminals for online meeting or video conferencing. Using, monitoring or displaying images is also extremely simple. You only need a computer to run the software and set up the necessary parameters for the best picture.

Easy installation is also one of the great advantages of this product. With its light and compact dimensions, Yealink UVC20 can be installed in many different positions. You can also change the product's location during a meeting if necessary.

New design for the lens cap

User security is always a very concerned factor today. With a new design fitted with a camera, users do not have to worry about being hacked and losing their personal images. This is a new improvement that has been welcomed and welcomed by a lot of users.

Webcam Yealink UVC20 will be a good choice for you to use for your work.