When it comes to optimizing the work environment, how to streamline the way people work can be a vital but delicate issue. We were locked in there for quite some time because of the lack of a suitable solution. Out of all the high-tech gadgets, the Room Display can be a differentiator – a small investment to ease workplace communication and save your employees time.
Still feel all over the sea? Read on to see what Room Showcases are, the options you have, and how they can help you achieve your goals.
What is room monitor?
- Room Display is a touch screen digital signage mainly placed at the entrance to a meeting room or related office space. It is usually mounted on a wall or glass window to display room related information such as Room Name, Availability, Schedule and can provide interactive booking activities. Designed to provide a wide range of improvements in meeting room use, Room Display devices require purpose-built software embedded in them. Through a combination of hardware and software, what features you can get will be decided this way. The Room screen typically presents some or all of the following possibilities:
   + Help you find the space you booked
    + Indicate room availability in real time, even remotely
    + Shows the upcoming calendar of a room (including who booked the room and for how long)
    + Enable direct booking for unscheduled meetings, team collaboration, etc.
    + Provide check-in and check-out functions to reduce no-shows
    + Offers the possibility of renewing an existing reservation
    + Synchronize the room schedule with the calendar system to avoid data silos
    + Integration with workplace analytics so you can understand how your room is being used and what can be optimized
- To add, saying that Room Display only works for office meeting rooms is not accurate enough. It can be deployed in any situation where space planning and management is required. Hotel conference rooms, shared commercial studios, and college classrooms are just a few examples.
How to choose a room monitor?
As an emerging technology in the digital workplace, many companies with growth ambitions are still evaluating it. But when you decide to move on to the next page of your workplace, here are some key features of Show Room that you can't miss:
+ Room information: Display the necessary information of the room including room name, facilities, next arrival schedule, etc.
    + Room information: Display the necessary information of the room including room name, facilities, next arrival schedule, etc.
    + Room Availability: Real-time room availability. If you're using an open-plan office, an in-room display with built-in blue/red backlighting makes it easy to see from afar if there's room availability.
    + Reserve a special room: Provides access to start a meeting immediately or book directly on it
    + Upcoming Schedule: Guide upcoming meetings and meeting schedule for the day
    + Reservation Check-in/outs: Extend or end an ongoing meeting
    + Analytics & Reporting: Generate reports on your room usage (although requires software system)