What is an IP phone?
IP Phone, also known as VoIP phone or standard SIP phone, is a phone system used on the LAN / MAN / WAN network or simply the Internet. Phones are used IP data packets (on LAN, WAN, Internet) with information transmitted as encoding of sound. It allows users to make calls using VoIP technology which is very popular nowadays. Especially useful for businesses.

What are the benefits of using an IP Phone?
Using an IP phone brings a lot of benefits to the business that uses it. So what are the benefits of using IP phones? We can mention some outstanding advantages as follows:

Save a lot of investment costs in new infrastructure by taking advantage of the available Internet. Investment in new infrastructure is almost absent. Since then, the annual maintenance and repair of milk is also saved significantly.

Making internal corporate calls is completely free: For businesses, cost saving is always a top priority. In the past, the cost of internal communication for a business with many branches and extensions was not small. But since the appearance of IP Phone, the issue of internal call costs has been completely resolved.

Display missed calls, incoming call numbers: When using a traditional landline phone, you have missed a lot of customer calls without even knowing it. In addition, the display of the caller's phone number is also very limited. These limitations have been completely overcome by IP Phone.

Ability to record calls: This is considered an extremely important function of the IP Phone. It helps you to record all your important calls and can forward it to relevant busy stations. When you ask me what is my favorite benefit of using IP telephony, this is probably the one that I like the most. Because of this advantage, managers can listen to important calls again to not miss information or manage incoming calls to increase the quality of service.

Can be combined with a headset so you don't have to hold the phone while listening. This is very convenient for the customer service department or the telesale to have many phone calls during the day.

Automatically divert calls to other extensions when the phone is busy so you cannot miss any calls from customers.

Simple in managing monthly expenses: Instead of monthly, employees have to take notes themselves after making calls to return the report to the expense department to report to management, Then With IP Phone phones, this job is very simple because they are automatically backed up and have the ability to integrate with the management software.

Some reputable IP Phone brands:
Currently, on the market there are many brands of IP Phone phones sold in the market. Some of the following prominent brands can be mentioned:

Yealink: is currently the number one VoIP brand in the worldwide market. With a variety of models spanning many affordable to high-end segments. Compared with other brands, Yealink IP phones are often designed with high quality LCD screens, with black and white background. Especially the viewing angles of the Yealink phone are quite beautiful. Another special feature here is the Yealink phone line that supports automatic feature. This means that Yealink phones can easily be compatible with most current IP PBXs. In addition, the reasonable price, stable quality suitable for offices and businesses are the great plus points of Yealink phones.

Grandstream: this is the only IP phone that is second only to yealink in popularity. However, the downside of this phone is that after using it for a long time, the number keys are difficult to press and paralyze.

Polycom: This is also a famous brand, but the cost is quite high, so it is only suitable for multinational companies or companies with large budget to choose and this product line is less favored in the Vietnamese market

Cisco: is a famous brand of IP phones, but its cost is quite high and its compatibility is not equal to the above brands, so it is not popular in Vietnam Cisco market.

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