Many people are still wondering what is SIP Trunk? The functions and advantages of SIP Trunking is how businesses prioritize this solution for their phone systems. Let's find out through the article below.

What is SIP Trunk?

SIP Trunk is a virtual telephone line that allows making and receiving calls on the internet with worldwide coverage. As you all know, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a popular telephone protocol, popular to initiate calls over the internet.

SIP Trunk is commonly used in businesses to manage multimedia communications, be it voice or video calls. Specifically, SIP Trunking has the ability to establish, terminate the connection for a phone call, and control the data transmission. At the same time, it also allows free calling applications around the world such as Skype, Facebook Messenger can work.

The information about SIP Trunk
Currently, SIP Trunking service can be integrated with most types of prefixes of Vietnam such as 1900 prefix, 1800 prefix, fixed prefix and mobile phone.

More specifically, you can flexibly choose a network provider to provide SIP Trunk services such as FPT (pioneering in SIP Trunking in Vietnam since 2008), CMC Started providing in 2013, VNPT: 2014, SPT: 2014, Viettel: 2018.

Finally, one of the factors that made SIP Trunk so popular is that IP PBXs that have the ability to support the sip protocol can use SIP Trunk. Some popular IP PBXs in Vietnam include: Virtual Switchboard Service, Asterisk IP PBX, Sangoma IP PBX, Grandstream IP Switchboard, Xorcom Ip Switchboard, Cisco Switchboard, avaya Switchboard, Panasonic Switchboard ( IP series with sip support).

Advantages of SIP Trunk
For a business, the problem of business cost optimization is a rather difficult problem. In particular, SIP Trunk is a service that does quite well in saving costs of phone system for businesses. Therefore, it can be said that cost saving is the first factor that customers think about when choosing this product.

Centralized network
Since SIP Trunk works based on IP, you can use centralized network with many different features. For example, easy digital streaming without requiring a physical tiered facility, helping businesses save on maintenance costs and hardware investments.

Additionally, the removal of the PSTN port allows SIP Trunking to connect directly to a selected internet service provider. As a result, your business can eliminate subscribers and flexibly expand telecommunications services at lower prices than the original price.

Charges for local calls
When using SIP Trunk, businesses will be able to use local call rates for all calls, avoiding the cost of expensive long distance or international calls. Charges charged for calls are both local.

In addition, to increase the competitive advantage and experience for customers, the SIP Trunk service provider also offers additional services such as ENUM, phone number mapping, ... this allows you to Use 1 phone number wherever you are globally. They also offer the removal of 800 numbers through the local provision according to your geotagged location.

Ability of extension
Channel ways are easily added and expanded, only activated after a few hours. SIP Trunking allows you to easily expand an unlimited number of channels per trunk with no installation or physical setup required.

Problem recovery
Whether you are running out of network problems or having trouble with terrain, you can still make calls through SIP Trunking. This service tends to be much more flexible than older phone systems. They are programmed for geographic redundancy, routing calls to a different location or data center. Thanks to that, the quality of the call is always guaranteed, the problem is recovered quickly and urgently.

Address of reputable SIP Trunk service provider

Through this article, you must have answered the question of what sip number is or what SIP Trunking service is. Especially, if you are learning about phone system services for businesses, SIP Trunk is the optimal solution for you.

To register for the SIP Trunk service, you can access the website or the hotline number 024.777.99.777 - 0902.253.263 so that staff can advise and quote an accurate quote for you. GTC Telecom is a well-known business unit in the market, so you can feel secure about the SIP Trunking service of this unit.