What is VoIP PBX? This is definitely the question of many users when they want to advise and install a professional switchboard system for their callcenter room. Join GTC Telecom to find out information about VoIP switchboard.

What is VoIP PBX?
In the digital age, all operations can be done quickly and easily. Due to its popularity, many technology applications have emerged. Including VoIP technology - the largest online communication switchboard.

So what is a VoIP PBX? VoIP is the abbreviation of voice over internet protocol, ie voice transmission by means of internet online. This is a telephone exchange that is used internally over many packages of internet traffic, LAN, Wan.

VoIP PBX works on the internet platform. Hence, it is completely unrestricted geographically. Most of the units that are doing online business, customer care or businesses with many branches are using this switchboard.

Thanks to that, all communication operations can be done quickly, even when the customer is abroad, ... The popularity of VoIP switchboards has gradually replaced the previous cable and line networks.

Classification of VoIP PBXs
VoIP PBX is divided into two types to serve many different purposes.

Soft VoIP PBX: Soft VoIP means software integrated on operating systems such as IOS, Android, Window, ... Through servers, soft VoIP switchboards own all the features and operate in a professional manner. Karma.

Hardware VoIP PBX: Hardware VoIP is a system with software available and installed on attached hardware (telephone, speaker-mic system, receiver).

Application of VoIP PBX solution

Surely names like Viber, Zalo, Messenger, Skype are too familiar to us. These are applications that use VoIP PBX solutions on the market. Based on the needs of many audiences and the popularity of the internet, these applications receive a large number of customers.

In addition to the application of multinational communication on many different platforms, the VoIP PBX solution also focuses on enterprises and companies. VoIP supports different types of business:

Agents and branches affiliated to the company
Trade center, supermarket
Customer care service after buying
Restaurant and hotel chain
Compared with telecom switchboards, online VoIP switchboards provide free internal communication. In case of calling to outside, the applicable fee is also much lower. Moreover, this technology also helps to store and secure information in the most secure way.

Advantages of VoIP PBX
VoIP PBX is widely used thanks to its advantages and benefits for users.

VoIP PBX is easy to install when connected to the Internet. Installation does not require much skill. Therefore, you can save some money.

VoIP PBX uses virtual prefixes, so those who work from a distance or who have to move continuously can make and receive calls quickly when connected to the internal network.
Asterisk PBX and VoIP technology

One of the most famous brands of VoIP PBX technology is Asterisk. Asterisk PBX is an open source, popularly used and responsive software.

Asterisk PBX and VoIP technology possesses many functions that make it the most popular communication system today:

Application function: Voicemail, CallerID, ...
Channel function: Interact with many different command channels.
Function File Format: The switchboard can handle mp3, gsm, ...
Codec Translator function: Allows Asterisk to extract GSM, G723, ... codes
In addition, Asterisk PBX is still equipped with a number of basic voice functions such as voicemail, group calls, automatic answer, call divert, ...

Where to buy VoIP switchboard?
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