What is VoIP phone?
VoIP phones, also known as SIP telephony or call software, use voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology to make and transfer calls over an IP network, such as the Internet. VoIP converts standard call audio to a digital format that can be transmitted over the Internet and also converts incoming digital phone signals from the Internet to standard telephone audio. This is considered a big step in the telecommunications industry along with the booming era of the Internet.

VoIP phones are capable of allowing users to make calls by VoIP to any caller, mobile or landline number. A VoIP phone can be thought of as a software calling based on simple software or a hardware device that looks like a regular phone.

Currently, there are 2 forms of using VoIP phone on the market:

VoIP phones use wired LAN wires: these are commonly used phones with the same hardware structure as traditional desk phones.

VoIP phones use software based: these are phones using software installed on devices with Wifi connection such as laptops or smartphones ...

So what are the advantages of VoIP phones? Let's find out below.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP phones?
Today, VoIP phones are becoming more and more popular when combined with virtual PBX. Because of its outstanding features, VoIP phones are gradually asserting their position in the market today. So what are the advantages of VoIP phones?

Cost savings: This is considered one of the outstanding advantages of this phone line, helping it to be chosen by more businesses. Phone calls take place over the Internet and you only have to pay a fixed fee for the Internet. In addition, businesses will not have to pay any costs for running phone lines. This helps businesses save a lot of costs compared to using traditional phones in the past.

Connection anytime, anywhere, high mobility: Just where there is an Internet connection, you can also listen and receive any calls from customers, partners via VoIP phones. Thanks to that, your business can reach customers more easily, consulting and customer support is also simpler and easier.

Simple and flexible installation and use: As long as you have a LAN connection, you can use this device without having to check the network line or phone number like traditional phone models.

There are many modern features: in addition to bringing all the basic features to listen and call with high quality, you will be amazed at what VoIP phone is? The main features are call recording, talk with multiple parties at the same time, create and store large contacts, set up automatic greetings and ringback tones according to use needs ...

Many customers who use VoIP phone line wonder if a product has such advantages, is there any downside? And what are the minus points of VoIP phones?

That is because all calls will have to go through the Internet, so the call quality will depend a lot on the Internet infrastructure and power supply. If bandwidth is interrupted or insufficient, calls will be disconnected or interrupted. Especially, when the business is disconnected from the Internet, all calls through VoIP phones will not be able to be made.

Therefore, for the product to use well, it is necessary to ensure the above factors. However, this disadvantage can be overcome by other secondary devices linked to the IP system.

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