Wireless IP Phones

The cordless ip phone is designed to integrate the features of a voip phone and is convenient for users during use.
Which brand's wireless IP phone is cheap, compact and convenient to use anywhere?
- Wireless IP phones increase productivity with mobility in the office. Wireless access via BASE base station.
- DECT IP telephony becomes a standard in the retail and hospitality verticals.., Wireless VoIP technology is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in the work environment.
Why choose a wireless VoIP phone?
- Bluetooth, DECT, WiFi wireless technology has come a long way in recent years. Application for offices, hotels, resoft, factories, seaports, etc., places where wiring is not possible.
- Our cordless IP phones are sold with standard manufacturer warranties, with expert support. Ability to connect with most popular phone systems on the market.
VoIP phone with built-in Wi-Fi or DECT transceiver, which connects to a base station or access point. Cordless phones allow users to move freely around their workspace during calls. For added flexibility, they can be paired with a headset to allow employees to keep their hands free and maintain cell phones while talking to customers.