Xorcom IP PBX

Xorcom PBX is a famous and popular virtual switchboard in the market today. It is considered as a powerful tool, helping businesses operate and save a lot of costs in management and operation.

So what is Xorcom switchboard? How is its advantages that businesses always trust and choose? Let's learn some basic information about ip switchboard xorcom through the article below.

What is Xorcom PBX?
Xorcom PBX is a system of hardware, technology and virtual switchboard solutions using modern Voip technology developed by Israel. It is trusted, tested and implemented in practice in Vietnamese businesses and countries around the world.

Xorcom IP PBX is trusted for its ability to exploit the power of the open source Asterisk with smart design modules like USB 2.0. Therefore, they have been meeting the needs of many businesses. At the same time, with modern technology, Xorcom has owned an IP PBX system with outstanding advantages, solving the limitations of traditional systems, serving businesses from small to large or compatible with Other professional systems.

Why use Xorcom switchboard?
It can be said that Xorcom has brought a comprehensive and optimal voice solution for users from businesses to individuals and organizations in need. With high technology from Israel and standard hardware design, multimedia applications including voice, fax, data, video, email, sms, ... Xorcom is confident to be able to strongly meet the requirements. of the business, whether the most urgent or difficult.

In addition, Xorcom is constantly improving and upgrading technology for Xorcom PBX products, connecting customers by many different channels, creating a difference, professionalism and optimization for your image. Therefore, it can be said that Xorcom has brought you the most advanced and professional communication solution and answered the question why businesses always rely on Xorcom IP PBX.

Outstanding advantages of Xorcom PBX
Xorcom IP PBX is always known as a product with many outstanding advantages. To find out the advantages that Xorcom PBX when compared with other traditional switchboards, let's go through the information below.

Ability of extension
Xorcom always receives the trust and trust of customers not only in Vietnam but all over the world because the company has no license or license to use. Xorcom is always ready to connect with users, integrating simply, best with systems by application with completely "open" architecture. So users have the ability to scale the system with just a few simple taps.

High level of confidence
Except for the ability to provide good service, stable application, professional design, and ease of use, Xorcom also brings you another tangible value of good technical support and consulting. This provides a high level of confidence in customers, through the Twinstar High Availability solution that is available up to 99.8%.

Good security
Like other technology products, Xorcom also cares, focuses and tries to perfect its security system. This security is created by a team of experienced engineers in telecommunications and security technology, so Xorcom switchboard always receives trust and safety for users. Customers will not worry when information is leaked or lost during the use and operation of businesses or individuals.

Application of the Xorcom switchboard
Xorcom IP PBX is a popular virtual switchboard and is trusted by many Vietnamese businesses. It not only helps manage the voice system, saves costs and resources for businesses, but also can link and support other management software such as CRM, ERP, ...

There are many ways to register and use the Xorcom PBX service in Vietnam. One of them, the simplest way you can access the website https://gtctelecom.vn/gioi-thieu to get specific advice, details about the application and product information. Or more simply, you can immediately call the hotline 024.777.99.777 - 0902.253.263 to receive free information and advice.

We introduce to you GTC Telecom because it is a telecommunications service provider in general and Xorcom's switchboard in particular is experienced and prominent in the market. This unit owns a team of experienced technicians, diversified services, especially good product quality and extremely competitive prices. Therefore, GTC Telecom is always a reputable place, trusted by many customers.

We hope with the article below, you will choose the type of virtual switchboard for your business or organization. More specifically, if you are learning about Xorcom switchboard, this article will be a useful article for you.
Information about Xorcom switchboard
Xorcom PBX is a famous and popular virtual switchboard in the market today. It is seen as a powerful tool to help businesses operate and save a lot of money