Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX expansion microphone

Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX Omnidirectional Expansion Microphone, High Quality!

The Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX Wired Expansion Microphone is suitable for the Yamaha YVC1000 and YVC1000MS Conference Speaker systems and is used to expand the system to cover larger spaces and applications.
- Micro tabletop omnidirectional
- Wired microphones can be daisy-chained to your existing YVC-1000 or YVC-1000MS
- Up to 5 microphones can be used per YVC1000 . unit
- Distance: 16.4
- 360° wide coverage microphone

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The Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX is an expansion microphone for the Yamaha YVC-1000, up to 5 microphones in total can be used with the speaker driver base. The Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX Expansion Microphone is easy to install because of the series of microphones from each microphone, which eliminates wires running back to the base from each microphone.
The Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX Wired Expansion Microphone has a 360-degree full coverage pickup pattern up to 16.4 feet, and automatically optimized audio processing ensures high-quality natural sound. The right YVC-MIC1000EX expansion microphone lets you equip meeting rooms
- Omnidirectional Wired Expansion Microphone for Speakerphone YVC-1000/YVC-1000MS
- 3 x Unidirectional Microphones
- Bi-directional expansion microphones - connect up to 5 individual microphones per unit YVC-1000/YVC-1000MS
- 360° wide coverage
- Volume up to 95 dB (0.5 m (1.6 ft))
- Distance: 16.4'
The Yamaha YVC1MIC1000EX expansion microphone is connected to the Yamaha YVC-1000 intercom to cover a wider area and accommodate more conference participants. The Yamaha YVC-MIC-1000EX is designed to industry standards.
The Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX Wired Extension Microphone can connect up to 5 expansion microphones to a single YVC1000 or YVC1000MS Conference Speaker stand unit.
Outstanding Features of the Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX Microphone
- Convenient function
   + Simultaneous communication with various sources
   + Multi-source audio mixing function by voice
   + Connection with interfaces: USB, Bluetooth and audio in/out. Simultaneous communication through different devices is possible.
   + Connect to an external microphone for more flexibility in online meetings or conferences.
   + Recording range may vary depending on operating conditions and environment.
   + The sound quality is improved when the speaker is closer to the microphone
- User-friendly design
   + Supports one-touch optimized sound settings
   The Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX automatically optimizes sound settings by learning about the acoustic environment of the room as it operates.
   + When timing requirements mean speed is an issue, simply pressing the tuning fork button activates automatic sound tuning, optimized for your current ambient sound settings.
   + If any sound problems are detected, the tuning fork knob will light up orange to alert the user.
   + Detailed information about audio problems can be accessed through the audio guide function, which also provides notifications for other activities, such as when a Bluetooth connection is established
- The scalability of the YVC-MIC1000EX excellent connectivity
   + Connect microphones and can add speakers for larger meetings
   With standard configuration, the YVC-MIC1000EX is ideal for small and medium-sized meetings.
   + For large-scale conferences, You can add up to 4 additional microphones external speakers. To cover a wider area and add more conference participants
- Flexible connection
   + Connects easily and quickly, with tablets, PCs, phones and conference systems
   + The Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX connects to the YVC-1000 via USB 2.0, Bluetooth or the audio terminal of the conference system. And get high-quality audio in your conferences and meetings.
   Connectivity options give you the ability to easily connect to a variety of other media environments.
- High quality conference meeting experience
   + Advanced audio processing technology, combined to create an effective communication environment.
   + Yamaha has developed an integrated high-quality sound engine for the Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX
   + Features of HVAD are designed to support different sound factors for meeting rooms with different configurations, quickly and effectively handle noise classification.
   + Human voice to speak and listen more naturally for a relaxing, stress-free experience in an online conference meeting