Reliable, easy-to-use, high-quality audio and video solutions for all your Unified Communications needs.
Yealink is a provider of live video conferencing solutions to collaborate and communicate with audio and video equipment for businesses. In addition, Yealink provides solution services and video conferencing equipment for businesses in the world. Around the world.
In this article, GTC TECH would like to introduce to customers Yealink Audio and Video Solutions for large rooms to work their way,
The ways we communicate and stay connected are evolving. The focus has shifted to hybrid and remote collaboration, requiring companies to bridge the gap with intelligent video collaboration solutions. Yealink products enable businesses to increase productivity and collaboration while ensuring the perfect balance between high quality, advanced features, and cost savings.
- Response to equity
    + Everyone participates in the experience as if they were in one room, not interrupted by technical problems
- Never be missed
    + Don't miss any important details even in large spaces
- Integrated solution
    + 44% of companies prefer tightly integrated multi-vendor solutions for better collaboration
- Works well with Other
    + 67% of employees use their own devices at work and meet on different UC platforms
- Yealink UVC86 supports Presenter Tracking, Presenter Tracking and Auto Framing, ensuring everyone is always on track and seen in the field of view. Remote participants can be focused and engaged in the meeting itself.
- Capture every detail with multiple cameras
    + Yealink AVHub, support users can simultaneously activate multiple cameras from the meeting room and can capture the participants in the meeting room better and support different views of the rooms for different situations different uses.
- Flexible sound options
    + Users can choose any Yealink audio or voice solution from major third-party vendors including Shure and Biamp. Upgrading your system can also save money without replacing existing equipment.
- Connect with your team anywhere
    + Yealink MVC-BYOD-Extensioner that supports switching between Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) and different UC platforms. You can start meetings wherever you want with Yealink's dedicated devices.
- Extensive integration for quality cooperation
    Integrated with major AV platforms including Extron, Biamp and Shure, Yealink's solution for large rooms offers flexibility and more capabilities for users' audio and meeting control needs.YEALINK'S INTERACTIVE PRODUCTS
- Used for large conference room 10 - 20 People (MVC860)
    + Smooth motion tracking: Featured with presenter tracking, the UVC86 in the package ensures participants enjoy a smooth and precise tracking experience whenever meeting participants present business data
    + Flexible sound options to suit your needs: Users can choose recording devices including the VCM43 yealink microphone, in accordance with user needs.
- For meeting rooms from 20 - 30 people (MVC960)
    + Pro-Grade video experience:
       . UVC86's presenter tracking feature always keeps the instructor in the center of the screen, allowing remote participants to keep up with the presenter.
       . Paired with the Yealink BYOD Extender, the MVC960 allows employees to take part in external training on third-party platforms and enjoy premium video quality dedicated devices.
    Broad Audio Compatibility: With AVHub in the MVC960 package, users can choose audio solutions from mainstream third-party vendors depending on their current needs.
- For a combined classroom of 30 or more people: MVC960 +UVC30 or MeetingBoard65
    + Keep everyone engaged
      . With its multi-camera system and AI-powered tracking features, the MVC960 shapes everyone in their best view and follows not only the faculty but also the students who raise their hands to speak.
      . A unique content camera, the UVC30 allows instructors to share visibility-optimized notes with distant students. The trainer's body is also a bit transparent so they don't block or obscure the board
      . The WPP20 wireless presenter offers plug-and-play and one-click content sharing even in extremely large conference spaces, making sharing of slides easy and fast as well as enhanced. effectiveness of courses.
Join a meeting from any device
Yealink's powerful video conferencing system is a multipoint solution that allows multiple devices to connect to calls and conferences, as well as schedule and control meetings. Desktop software and mobile apps provide rich conferencing functions for easy communication and collaboration.
End-to-end video conferencing solutions for increased productivity. Our team will evaluate your requirements and provide the right solution. Yealink audio and video solutions for large meeting rooms fit the meeting space you are looking for.

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