Yealink BH71 Pro Bluetooth Headset

Yealink BH71 Pro Bluetooth Headset "USB 3.0 Standard" - Genuine, Good Price

Yealink BH71 Pro Wireless Bluetooth headset with noise reduction up to 90%, light weight for long-term use without discomfort. The new improved Yealink BH71 Pro Bluetooth headset brings efficiency and practicality to users.
BH71 Pro (with USB dongle - bluetooth BT51)
· 4-microphone beamforming noise cancellation
・Adjustable ear hooks for comfortable wearing
・Extra 20 hours battery life with charging case
· Great sound experience and comfortable to wear all day

Mã Product: BH71 Pro

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Yealink BH71 Pro is a new generation headset that combines ultralight design with powerful voice communication performance. Yealink BH71 Pro comes with Headset BHM711, Charging Case BHC71P and Dongle BT51A.
Worried about keeping your headphones connected all day long?
Yealink BH71 Pro headset is dedicated to hybrid workers and business travelers with mono headset form and small carrying case. In addition to providing users with an immersive voice communication experience, the multifunctional UC Workstation also offers advanced features that help users redefine their workspace to increase productivity and efficiency. and flexibility at work.
BH71 Pro (with USB dongle - bluetooth BT51)
· Designed for: : Hybrid Worker
· 4-Way Microphone array beamforming noise cancellation
・Adjustable ear hooks for comfortable wearing
・Extra 20 hours battery life with charging case
Yealink BH71 is a Bluetooth headset with a difference. This lightweight ear-hook headset features a 4-microphone beamforming array to focus your voice and greatly reduce background distractions. It weighs only 18 grams but still gives you 10 hours of talk time. The included charging case gives you an extra 20 hours of talk time. Bluetooth headset v5.2 handles 2 connections at the same time and remembers 8 paired devices. Designed for all-day comfort, you can wear the adjustable ear hooks on either side of your head. Use it with your mobile devices or connect to your computer with the included dongle.
Outstanding features of Yealink BH71 Pro wireless headphones
Beamforming 4-Mic noise cancellation technology
     + No matter where you are, commuting on busy streets or working in the office, the BH71 can ensure a crystal-clear communication experience with its 4 Mic beamform noise cancellation technology.
- Comfortable to wear all day
     + You can easily adjust the ear hooks to best fit your ears. Just pull out the hook and put it on, you can wear comfortably all day. The whole headset weighs only 18 grams, keeping your ears happy all day
- Strong battery life to ensure you get through the day
     + BH71 Pro can talk for 10 hours, enough for all day use. In addition, the BH71 Pro also has a portable charging case that can provide the headset with an additional 20 hours of talkative battery life. When you are not using the headset, just put it in the case to charge. The charging case can last for a week and help you fight to the last minute without worrying about power on the go.
- All-in-one workstation
     + BH71 Pro has an all-in-one station. It can connect to desk phones, PCs and smartphones simultaneously and provides you with an integrated communication experience. The station also has a 3-inch touch screen with zero learning costs. It also has a built-in speakerphone to provide multiple modes of communication. With 3 USB 3.0 ports, a Qi wireless charger for your smartphone and a portable charging case, the station can help you eliminate unnecessary cords and keep your desk clean.
Yealink BH71 Pro is a bluetooth wireless headset designed for Hybrid Worker that cancels 90% of ambient noise. Yealink BH71 PRO headphones bring great versatility to your daily routine