Yealink BH76 UC Black Headphones

Yealink Headphones BH76 UC Black - [Top] Versatile Wireless Headphones, Good Price

Yealink BH76 UC Black is a professional wireless headset specially designed so that without being disturbed by noise and other annoying sounds, you can fully concentrate on your conversations.
  Yealink BH76 UC Black Dual Ear Headphones
- Multi-microphone sound shield technology
- Unmatched calling and music experience
- Multi-function wireless charging
- Visible Busylight for super wide angle
- Talk time: 35 hours
- Music time: 40 hours
- Standby time: 112 hours
- Working range: 30m / 100ft
- Bluetooth connection: Up to 8 devices

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Yealink BH76 UC Black is a professional and versatile wireless headset for greater productivity and excellent sound quality for calls and music. The Yealink BH76 STEREO can be connected via bluetooth and charged via the headphone stand or via a cable with a USB-C/A connection.
What advantages attract you to use Yealink BH76 UC Black?
The Yealink BH76 UC Black headset will keep you undisturbed during professional calls in open spaces, as well as during your personal calls on the street. Thanks to 4 levels of intelligent ANC, never before seen Yealink BH76 UC Black understands when it is in the worn or unworn position and can pause the music when you take it off, for example. Your Favorites.
What's in Yealink BH76 UC Black for you?
- Bluetooth headset 5.2
- Flexible dual-ear headphones
- Talk time: 35 hours
- Music time: 40 hours
- Standby time: 112 hours
- Charging time: 2 hours (cable) / 3 hours (wireless charging)
- Connect the headset to your computer and make calls using a VoIP softphone
- Busy light: can also be activated manually when there is no call
- Active Noise Cancellation: Eliminates low frequency background noise for optimal focus
- Optimized for UC and MS Teams
- Charge via the headphone stand or via a cable with a USB-C/A . connection
- Excellent sound quality
Yealink BH76 UC Black is Bluetooth to let you use it wirelessly. No more bulky cables, you benefit from complete freedom of movement! So you can connect to all your devices with Bluetooth technology
Yealink BH76 UC Black thanks to the microphone that picks up the surrounding noise and transmits it back to you as if you are not using it, you can chat between 2 calls without having to take off the headset and always turn it on.
Yealink BH76 UC Black Bluetooth Headset comes with Yealink BT51 Bluetooth Dongle. Please choose from the drop-down menu above if you want the BT51 in USB-A/C(standard USB) format. The headphones are available in either black or light gray. If you want the light gray model, please choose it using the samples above.