Yealink Camera Hub

Yealink Camera Hub

Yealink Camera Hub is compatible with Yealink video conferencing systems for use with Microsoft Teams. Yealink Camera Hub can use multiple cameras which will create more space for extra large video conferences.
• USB to Ethernet adapter
• 1x Camera-Hub
• Power adapter 1x
• 1x Ethernet-USB3.0 . adapter
• 1x 3m RCA to 3.5mm . cable
• 1x 7m . network cable

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Yealink's Camera Hub decoder is designed to extend video and audio across Yealink's MVC Teams conference room systems and ZVC Zoom Rom conference room systems. For extra-large conference rooms that require more than one UVC80 or UVC84 USB PTZ Camera, the Yealink Camera-Hub Adapter provides the connections needed to expand a total of 9 cameras.
• Supports up to 9 cameras
• Camera layout support
• 1x RCA-in
• 1x RCA-out
• 1x Yealink Microphone Port (RJ-45)
• 3x USB 2.0 Type-A
• 1x Power port
• 1x Security Lock Slot
• Reset button
• 1x Ethernet port for camera connection
Yealink Camera Hub allows users to set up multiple cameras to cover larger space for extra-large video conferences. The Camera Hub easily connects to cameras over an IP network and allows the addition of connectors for expansion mics and speakers.
Yealink Camera-Hub enables multi-camera support by using the Yealink UVC80 Camera with the Yealink MVC900 II and MVC800 II Video Conferencing Systems. Using multiple cameras helps you increase the coverage of large conferences to more than 12 people.
The Camera-Hub connects via Ethernet to your IP network to connect to the UVC80 camera, increasing your deployment flexibility. You can also connect the Yealink VCM34 Expansion Microphone, Yealink MSpeaker II Soundbar and more to the Camera-Hub for a clean, simple setup.
Yealink Hub cameras allow you to set up a solution in large meeting rooms, conference rooms, showrooms and even replace them in many environments, thanks to LAN.
Below is a connection diagram to create an audio-video system, using MiniPC as the base system to load various video conferencing clients, Skype, Teams, Meet, Zoom, etc. loaded.
As can be seen from the graphic, the minipc connects to the UVC84 camera-specific switch to switch
Another switch (PoE is the same as the first one) connecting the MSpeaker II and the wired microphone can be both the VCM38 in-ceiling microphone and the VCM34 line-top microphone.