Yealink CP900 conference speakers

Yealink CP900 conference speakers

Yealink CP900 Bluetooth wireless conference speaker is designed with sleek, USB connection port to the computer. Yealink CP900 conference speakers experience the surrounding microphone and HD voice, ideal for voice, music and multimedia

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Yealink CP900 Conference Speakers are flexible and expandable portable speakers and are well suited for meetings of up to 6 participants. Yealink CP900 is ideal for meetings on the go, personal meetings and situations in which "messy" meetings are a common thing. The Yealink CP900 conferencing device can be used with Microsoft Teams and can be easily connected via the Yealink BT50 USB key or via Bluetooth.
- Yealink HD sound quality
- Yealink BT50 bluetooth USB included
- High end HD voice for calls and music
- Premium HD Voice for calls and music
- 360-degree microphone recording range (two meters)
- Six-microphone format range for a full full duplex experience
- Connect USB or Bluetooth for laptops, smartphones and tablets
- Mobile design
- Used for Skype for Business® and Microsoft groups
- Talk time 12 hours