Yealink CP925 conference phone

Yealink CP925 "Bluetooth/WIFI" conference phone, high quality!

The Yealink CP925 is a sleek and stylish touchscreen conference phone that looks great in any office or conference table. Yealink CP925 conference phone designed for small and medium businesses, offering Bluetooth connectivity features, built-in WiFi, and 20-foot voice pickup range
- 7 microphones, 360° . voice pickup
- Ultimate HD sound
- 4" color touch screen 480x800 . resolution
- 5-party conference call
- Combined UC meeting
- Ideal for BYOD use cases

Mã Product: CP925

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The Yealink CP925 is a touch-sensitive, soundproof HD conference phone that is impervious to any liquid spills. Yealink CP925 conference phone with anti-fingerprint LCD display with clear user interface interactive page and 7 built-in microphones. Yealink CP925 can connect to mobile device via Bluetooth to achieve hybrid UC meeting.
Should I use Yealink CP925 conference phone? How is the benefit?
The Yealink CP925 conference phone is designed for small and medium conference rooms. Yealink CP925 perfectly matches the quiet style of the conference room, giving you an easy, clear and engaging business conference experience.
- 4-inch multi-touch screen with 480x800 . resolution
- Perfect HD sound, full duplex noise cancellation technology
- Yealink noise canceling technology
- Receive 360-degree voice with a 20-foot (6-meter) radius
- Built-in 6 microphones for voice pickup
- Built-in 1 microphone for noise cancellation
- Power over Ethernet
- 5-way conference call
- Hybrid UC meeting
- Built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n)
- Built-in Bluetooth 4.2
Yealink CP925 provides a solution for small and medium rooms that require great audio conferencing. This VoIP conference phone from Yealink features an intuitive interface on a 4" color touchscreen. Designed to provide a professional audio solution for your room, the CP925 utilizes a 6-microphone array for 360-degree audio capture. ° from up to 20' away in any direction with an additional microphone to help eliminate noise.Keep your meetings distraction-free.
The Yealink CP925 is a multi-connector conference system that can also be used as an audio solution for video conferencing, in conjunction with video cameras.
Yealink CP925's wide range of connectivity allows you to connect it to a wired LAN, to a WiFi hotspot, as well as to a laptop via USB and to a bluetooth device, such as a tablet or phone smart phone. Supports CPW925 wireless add-in microphone.
In addition to the large touch screen Yealink CP925 also has the ability to record conference calls via USB memory stick and Can make conferences by placing both IP and analog lines in the conversation/communication (with CPN10 optional) in the conference.
Features of Yealink CP925 conference phone
- With 7 MICRO: First class sound quality to power communication
    The CP925's audio performance is supported and enhanced with a built-in 7-microphone array for voice pickup and noise cancellation. Covering 20 feet of range in all 360° directions, the phone is enough to deliver a clear and natural voice conferencing experience.
- Flexible design, easy-to-use user interface
    + Yealink CP925 is the recluse in the conference room. Its black soundproof fabric can produce clear sound and is resistant to water, oil and stains. The ultra-thin, desktop-friendly body and cleverly hidden wire slot perfectly match the simple business style of the conference room. In addition, the built-in Linux system and easy-to-use UI interface allow users to launch meetings with the click of a button and increase user adoption.
- Clear HD sound quality for quality calls
    The CP925 adopts a Y-shaped design and has 6 built-in microphones for sound pickup and 1 microphone for noise cancellation. The 20 foot and 360° omnidirectional receiver gives users a clear and natural voice conferencing experience.
- Optimized features, wide coverage and high scalability
    + CP925 supports 5-party conference calling, helping participants from different locations to communicate smoothly, reducing costs for your company. You can also connect the CP925 to your mobile devices (such as smartphones, PSTN CPN10 devices, etc.) via Bluetooth or the USB-C port creating a hybrid conference and calling meeting Hybrid UC . Furthermore, the CPW25 Bluetooth wireless expansion microphone offers a 3-meter pickup range, which extends the CP925's pickup range while keeping the conference room table clean.
The Yealink CP925 IP Conference Phone is a user-friendly, high-quality, broadband audio conferencing solution that meets the challenges of the most diverse rooms.