Yealink EXP43 Expansion Module

Yealink EXP43 Expansion Module

The EXP43 expansion module is a great addition for users who need extra keys. Yealink EXP43 expansion desk has an elegant design and beautiful display color,
• 4.3" 272 x 480 pixels color display
• Colorful icons for a rich visual experience
• 20 physical keys per page with two-color LEDs
• Three independent joysticks with illuminated LEDs for quick page turning
• Supports up to 3 daisy-chain modules
• Stand with 2 adjustable angles
• Only compatible with T43U, T46U and T48U

Mã Product: EXP43

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Yealink-EXP43 is an expansion module designed to extend the functions of Yealink T43U, T46U, T48U IP phones. Yealink EXP42 with the ability to set up multi-function line keys is provided such as BLF, speed dial, call forwarding, call receiving, etc. Yealink EXP43 is ideal for office workers, receptionists, telesales with large call volume.
If you are looking for an extended keyboard for your phone, then Yealink EXP43 is worth your attention.
Yealink EXP43 extension desk gives you an enhanced operation and easy adjustment of the expansion module for comfortable use and clear user experience
- 4.3" LCD screen, (272 x 480px resolution)
- Colorful icons for a rich, user-friendly visual experience
- 20 flexible physical keys displayed on the screen
- 3 additional buttons to switch screen pages
- Two-color LED indicator (red or green)
- Connect up to 3 EXP43 modules to Yealink T4U IP phones
- USB port (2.0 compatible) for data in/out
- Stand with 2 adjustable angles
Yealink EXP43 expansion desk with 4.3-inch color display offers rich visual experience and simple, easy operation. The newly designed EXP43 for the stand allows you to adjust between two lying angles easily even without disassembling. To ensure greater reliability in data transmission and higher data refresh rate, simply connect the supplied USB cable to the USB port of the Yealink T43U / T46U / T48U SIP IP phone. Furthermore, once the connection between Yealink EXP43 and IP phone is established, the remaining 1 USB port on the back of the EXP43 can also be used for other USB peripherals, such as USB headsets, devices WiFi protection, call recording via USB flash drive, etc.