Yealink headphones YHS34

Yealink headphones YHS34

Yealink YHS34 headset has high quality and reliability, it can connect to SIP phone to bring the best VOIP solution. The Yealink YHS34 is designed to be very lightweight and does not hold you back when used. These headphones are ideal for business employees or call centers working in noisy environments and often on the phone.

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Yealink YHS34 headphones are one of the best-selling headphones from Yealink, it is super lightweight and you can use all day long without making you uncomfortable.

Why choose Yealink YHS34 headphones
Yealink YHS34 headphones are binaural wired headphones with high sound quality, it offers an enjoyable phone conversation experience. Yealink YHS34 headphones cancel out background noise through noise canceling technology so you can focus on the conversation. Sound transmitted over the line will not be played in the environment and no one in the environment can hear your conversations.

RJ9 / QD connection

- Replaceable leather ear cushions

- Best noise canceling microphone

- Super lightweight binaural headphones

Yealink YHS34 telesale headphones are a special place in the market with perfect quality, comfortable, durable, beautiful, and excellent sound. These headphones ensure a solid choice, making it ideal for you to have a good headset suitable for everyday work.

The headset is designed with two connectors, RJ9 and Quick Dissconnect which are convenient for connecting the headset to the phone. The ear cushions on these headphones are soft and replaceable. In addition, the boom of the Micro's uniquely rotatable swivel makes it deliver the clearest of private chats.

Outstanding features of Yealink YHS34
- The clearest, most classy sound quality.

+ Headphones are combined with bandwidth sound technology, Yealink YHS34 gives users the clearest and most authentic conversations. In addition, it helps users reduce fatigue and discomfort when listening.

Plus, with a good noise-canceling microphone that eliminates background noise in your work environment, clears voice transmission and ensures the clearest possible quality.

- Stylish design, comfortable, convenient, for all day long use

Yealink YHS34 headphones are made of ultra-light material with ear cushions made of leatherette to ensure comfort and elegance for users. With a unique, flexible rotating microphone for clearest private chats. Along with the design to hold the head, it gives users a sense of comfort even when used for a long time.

In addition, the headset's quick disconnect feature is convenient on the go, allowing users to quickly disconnect in a short time and switch to another audio device immediately.

Yealink YHS34 headphones will be the right choice for businesses that want a good headset with the cheapest price.