yealink introduce new VC500 conference for small business

Yealink is one of the leading communication terminal solutions in the world. With the desire to provide solutions to help businesses save costs and effectively meet remote multi-point applications. Yealink introduces the Yealink VC500 series of devices to bring a new meeting experience to users. A special feature of the yealink Vc500 series is designed with professional video and audio technology to provide an easy collaboration experience.
Each new line of conference equipment was born not only marked the research process, but also demonstrated the change, improving the product more professionally in accordance with the requirements of the user. And Yealink VC500 will be the next step of great success.
Yealink VC500 is designed and manufactured to bring a more convenient meeting solution. Especially, it helps small and medium businesses optimize meeting rooms and specialize them more effectively.
As the latest product from Yealink dynamic, the enterprise-grade conference terminal, the VC500 includes rich and unique features to provide users with an impressive conference experience, further realizing its mission. Us: Easy cooperation, high productivity.