Yealink, a leading global unified communications (UC) solutions provider, has announced the general availability of MSpeech, the smart conference speaker for Microsoft Teams. “MSpeech is an incredible innovation in Yealink appliance solutions for Microsoft Teams.” Yealink MSpeech conference speaker users can have a more efficient and intelligent experience to support complex work styles. With MSpeech combined with Microsoft Teams 'AI, they can enjoy all the benefits of an AI-powered speaker and create smart Microsoft Teams Rooms.”
What is MSpeech?
- MSpeech, a new product launched by Yealink, is a smart portable speaker that perfectly combines trendy looks with unparalleled technical prowess. Designed for all professionals, seated or mobile, who want both reliable and powerful audio equipment, it is more suitable for "classic" meeting rooms, which can hold up to 12 people.
- The installation of this Plug & Play device is child's play. Simply connect the speakerphone to your PC or laptop via USB and you can start a conversation or meeting in no time.

Smart Yealink MSpeech speakers make working easily and efficiently in MS Teams. Not only does it record every creative idea, but it also makes discussions more productive. Both during and after the meeting, everyone can read the meeting content from start to finish, creating a more comprehensive Teams experience. In addition, the Yealink MVC320 and MVC640 solution packages include the MSpeech smart speaker, making these packages integrated by design and an easier choice for customers who want to add Microsoft Teams AI to their meeting room.
With the all-new MSpeech speakerphone, the Microsoft Teams Yealink MVC320 and MVC640 Rooms provide great video solutions for Microsoft Teams with an intelligent experience. You can explore more and choose the best solution from Yealink's full range of voice and video device solutions for Microsoft Teams, including both personal and shared devices.