Yealink MCore Mini-PC

Yealink MCore Mini-PC | Mini computer with powerful configuration, Good price

Yealink MCore Mini-PC is a high performance mini PC specially designed for video conferencing. It can be used for any meeting room. Yealink MCore Mini-PC can be used for any meeting room.
- CPU: 8th Gen Intel® QUAD-CORE i5
- Memory: 8GB (2 x 4GB)
- Disk: 128GB SSD
- 2 x HDMI video output with CEC . support
- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
- 1 x Yealink VCH (RJ45) port for connection to MTouch II
- 4 x USB3.0 Type-A

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Yealink MCore Mini-PC not only makes deployment more flexible, but also let you enjoy a neat and smart conference table
Yealink MCore Premium Mini-PC supports features like video output, Bluetooth and WiFi and more
- 1x Mini-PC with 8th Gen Intel Core™ i5 quad-core CPU
- 1x wall bracket, 1x power adapter
- HDMI cable 2x 1.8m
- Preload Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS and license, Zoom Room App and Yealink plugin
Yealink Yealink MCore Mini-PC is an original and easy-to-use video conferencing mini PC solution designed specifically for Microsoft Teams rooms. It can work with different Yealink conferencing packages and can provide panoramic video conferencing solutions that cover the entire meeting room from large to small. It features an 8th Gen Intel QUAD-CORE i5 processor, 8GB (2 x 4GB) for system memory, 128GB SSD quick boot files for media storage, and a Yealink VCH connector that can be connected connected to the MTouch II.
Features of Yealink MCore Mini-PC
• With a VCH port, MCore Mini-PC is specially designed for online video conferencing rooms where deployment can be easily and quickly expanded.
• MCore Mini-PC is designed with advanced management features, ensuring the stability of wire connection
• Provide a smooth, sharp, panoramic video conferencing solution that covers the entire meeting room from large to small