Yealink's educational solutions and what makes this manufacturer a great choice for learning institutions. Yealink Meeting Connects students, faculty, and staff for better learning, collaboration, and governance.
Yealink solutions are renowned for their versatility, quality and affordability. Yealink becomes the ideal choice to meet many organizational requirements. Yealink the opportunity to gain unique insight into the specific needs of the education industry.
Yealink's Double Approach to Education
1. Explore creativity in virtual education with an intuitive video experience
- With the Yealink Meeting online video conferencing solution, educational institutions can reach more students and distribute the school's teaching staff across multiple campuses as well as online. Quickly update administrative information, to organize meetings to create interactions between teachers, parents, students and conduct online training sessions for teaching and non-teaching staff without requiring presence attendees, are some additional advantages of Yealink's video conferencing solution for the education industry.
a. Distance learning
- With MeetingEye 600 + CTP20 + UVC30 + Yealink Meeting equipment set
- For distance learning (online), virtual classroom (virtual ), online classroom, etc.
   Supported by dual 4K cameras, 133° FOV, and 8 MEMS microphone arrays, an entire classroom can be covered by the MeetEye 600, ensuring students participating online are fully present in an ongoing classroom .
   Available for whiteboard annotation, one-click content sharing, and in-meeting interaction, Yealink Meetings provides intuitive classroom interactions.
   + Class and meeting management features such as meeting setup, automatic recording, and image sharing are very useful for teachers.
b. Teaching training
- Comes with Yealink VC800 conference device + Yealink Meeting Room Solution
- For teaching training industry, seminars, lectures, presentations, plenary meetings, etc.
   + Large-scale HD video streaming: Multi-camera mounting solutions at educational institutions or institutions offer complete flexibility for conducting in-depth training or educational exchanges.
   Experience the ultimate in video quality: The combination of speakerphone and up to 12x optical zoom provides clearer, more user-friendly and effective discussion, teaching or communication.
   + Automatically record, video images for better sharing: Can record meetings, share video images conveniently allowing all staff, teachers to review and conclude.

c. Administrative meeting
- Conference equipment Yealink UVC84 + Yealink Meeting
- For administrative meetings, parents and teachers can have joint meetings, etc.
   + Yealink UVC84 with 4K video output quality for excellent sharpness and smoothness, accurately reproduces every detail, color and delivers a sharp, vivid video experience.
   + All staff, parents or other external participants can use the desktop software and mobile apps for quick access to the meeting.
2. How Yealink ensures safe and intuitive learning
More reach and better interactions, search more
Instantly expand classroom boundaries with an interactive and immersive video conferencing experience that ensures faculty and students are always in sync, even when they're not in the same physical space.
Intuitive interaction and double reach
- Equip students with a constant interactive experience that allows them to easily access and re-search those online courses and easily, quickly share content or annotate real-time about class and group projects and prepare for the next test.
Better facilities and communication with administrators
- Join meetings with ease and provide better management, monitoring, and administrative communications across distributed facilities or district office locations while remaining secure. all data and information.
Yealink offers ideal solutions for learning organizations at competitive prices, with feature-rich terminals, unique reseller incentive programs and strategic partnerships with leading companies in the education industry

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