Yealink MeetingBoard 86

Yealink MeetingBoard 86

Yealink MeetingBoard 86 is an innovative, smart and slim professional monitor. Combines the Android OPS extensible and the Microsoft Teams app. The Yealink MeetingBoard 86 interactive display can be used in any of your environments, from executive offices to large training rooms, co-creation spaces and conference breakout rooms.
- 86" interactive display for video presentation and collaboration
- 16 MEMS . beamforming microphones
- Built-in 8MP camera
- Speaker tracking and auto framing technology
- Microsoft Multi-Text Interactive Whiteboard (Coming Soon)
- Octa-core high performance chipset
- 6 speakers
- Cancellation of noise and reverberation

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The Yealink MeetingBoard 86 interactive whiteboard is a truly all-in-one collaboration space solution that fits all meeting rooms. Yealink MeetingBoard 86 includes a 4K camera, crystal-clear speakers, full-duplex microphone, and 86-inch collaborative whiteboard to deliver an immersive meeting experience and enable anytime, anywhere collaboration
Why is Yealink MeetingBoard 86 suitable for all businesses?
Yealink MeetingBoard 86 for video conferencing, this new monitor features an 8 MP smart camera, 4x zoom and 120° wide field of view, along with auto-framing, allowing you to take great photos with all all participants are focused on.
The Yealink MeetingBoard 86 smart interactive whiteboard writes smoothly, creates freely. MeetingBoard 86's responsive display and innovative features like advanced inking, collaboration diagrams, flexible components, and rich content other, which enhances team productivity and creativity
Turn the room into a digital workplace
- The multifunctional Yealink Meetingboard 86 is an interactive smart board that serves as both a display for online Teams meetings and a touchscreen whiteboard to foster creative thinking. People working from home or other locations can participate perfectly through the integrated remote management options as the smart board is certified for Microsoft Teams environments. This makes MeetingBoard 86 a perfect addition to meeting rooms, co-creation rooms, and larger (online) training courses.
Smart and premium video experience delivers a vibrant conferencing environment
- 4K . built-in camera
- Professional SONY 8mp image sensor camera
- 12X/6X detachable optional PTZ camera for larger space
- Electronic security shutter
Smart AI feature
- Auto frame
+ Automatic frame alignment recognizes the number and position of attendees, smoothly framing everyone at the most suitable viewing angle even in small spaces.
- Follow the speaker
+ Speaker tracking creates a real-time close-up of the presenter, delivering a vivid face-to-face meeting experience and ensuring well-engaged participants.
- Picture in picture
+ Based on the Presenter Tracking feature, users can switch to Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode at the start of a meeting. PiP tracks and frames the speaker in an individual window, separate from the other, for a panoramic view, allowing the user to follow the speaker even when the speaker is sitting at a distance far in an average room
Experience premium 8m Full-Duplex sound—as if everyone were sitting across from each other
- 4+2 . stereo speakers
- Support stereo sound
- Full-Duplex sound quality
- 8m . audio coverage
- Industrial soundproof fabric design
- Dedicated AI audio DSP
- 8 Full-Duplex sounds
- Built-in 16 Beamforming Microphone Array
- Enhanced AI noise cancellation
- Suppression of reverberation
- Wireless expansion mic for more space
Smart collaborative whiteboard — keeping everyone connected and collaborating
- 4K intuitive presentation and easy menu navigation Intelligent 4-level input digital ink recognition
- Collaborate on diagrams - production samples and other key components
- Cloud application (Cloud) allows people to join and interact anywhere
Designed with simplicity and the beauty of details in mind — add elegance and turn all your rooms into a collaborative workspace.
- The meeting board is completely covered with metal materials. This improves the texture, prolongs the life of the product and is more environmentally friendly.
- Choose between a movable floor stand, sculpted to look like a ballerina's foot, or a wall mount.
- 4 versatile wheels let you move the MeetingBoard 86 around with ease.
- Thanks to the one-cable setup, you can get started within minutes.
That's why Yealink MeetingBoard 86:
- Suitable for any space. Think personal office spaces, group chat rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, large (open) departments & crowded areas.
- Created for new collaboration. The board features Microsoft Whiteboard, which helps foster creative collaboration, even remotely.
Future proof. MeetingBoard 86 runs on Android 10. With the OPS module, you can upgrade your hardware and software in the future. The board has a long life cycle
The Yealink MeetingBoar 86 Interactive Board is the perfect solution for any video conferencing room. If you want to organize a professional meeting, this is the ideal tool!