Yealink MeetingEye 600 video conferencing

Yealink MeetingEye 600 video conferencing

Yealink MeetingEye 600 is a video bar for 4K Ultra HD video conferencing - a professional collaboration experience. Yealink MeetingEye 600 camera features a dual camera combining 20M pixel ultra wide-angle lens and 10x zoom lens that promises perfect performance in both detail and panorama.

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Yealink MeetingEye 600 smart 4K video conferencing for meeting rooms up to 11 people. Yealink MeetingEye 600 UHD 4K camera, a variety of AI technologies (face detection, audio source location, voice tracking, etc.) and built-in automatic lens cap ensure the fluency and security of meetings daily offer. The Yealink MeetingEye 600 enables fast wireless deployment and sharing, elevating every meeting in a smart yet easy way.
• For large conference rooms (maximum 11 participants)
• Support 2-screen installation
• 2 Camera 1080P / 30FPS & 3X digital e-PTZ camera, 133 °, 90 ° aperture angle
• Built-in 8 beamforming microphone array
• Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
• Capture wired content
• Wireless content capture via USB dongle
• Connect additional microphones (wired and wireless)
• Touch screen touch screen
• Camera zoom
• Camera monitoring speaker works.
MeetingEye 600 has two cameras - allowing 10x hybrid zoom. Combined with the 20 MP Sony sensor, you get exceptional details - everyone is at its best. The video bar supports automatic speaker framing and tracking - as if a director is in the room.