Yealink MP50 teams USB phone

Yealink MP50 teams USB phone

The Yealink MP50 teams USB phone is ideal for employees who work on a desktop computer and use the cooling feature. MP50 has a compact, sleek and user-friendly design
- 4-inch capacitive touch screen
- 3 ports USB 3.0 Hub
- Bluetooth headset support
- Support BT50 Dongle for PC
- Busylight support
- Ultimate HD sound
- Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC
- Compatible with Teams and Skype for Business

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The Yealink MP50 MS Teams phone puts design, performance and reliability in one sentence. With a 4-inch multi-touch screen and built-in MS Teams button, the MP50 is ready to help you with any call.
Is Yealink MP50 MS Teams the IP phone you are looking for?
Yealink MP50 Microsoft Teams is a brand new and affordable USB IP phone and can integrate multiple devices at once into a single phone via wired USB port connection and Bluetooth wireless pairing, creating out an all-in-one UC workstation. Yealink MP50 IP phone does not disappoint with advanced noise cancellation technology, optimal sound quality
• 4-inch touch screen (480 x 800 pixels)
• Supports 3 USB 3.0 . ports
• Bluetooth headset support
• Support BT50 Dongle for PC
• Busylight support
• Ultimate HD sound
• Yealink noise canceling technology
• Full-duplex HD hands-free speakerphone
• User interface suitable for Ms Teams
• Optimized for Teams
• Compatibility with Ms Teams and Skype for Business

The Yealink MP50 is a plug and play integrated USB phone with performance and reliability for use with Microsoft Teams - smartly simple. This phone will allow you to significantly improve the call quality between you and your callers
For users who want an efficient productivity workspace, the MP50 is designed as an all-in-one UC workstation that can be connected to all of your UC devices for call control unified. With a mobile phone connected, the MP50 can provide a mobile calling experience by leveraging Wireless Bluetooth Technology. The built-in 3-port USB hub expands the use of USB ports to your personal PC, you can add multiple peripherals to your PC through a single USB port. The MP50 can also be used as a speakerphone to deliver immersive sound for hands-free calls or listening to music.
As a USB phone, simply connect the MP50 to any PC or mobile device, it will automatically be recognized and immediately ready to start making or receiving calls, rewarding your experience. Plug and play experience without problems. MP50 supports Yealink USB Connect deployment, making management and upgrade simple, compared with Android Phone, admin will have to do less maintenance work.