Yealink MP56 Zoom Edition

Yealink MP56 Zoom Edition phone "Bluetooth/WiFi"- Good price!

Yealink MP56 is a Zoom custom IP phone with a 7 inch capacitive touch screen, providing faster response speed and dedicated Zoom button. Yealink MP56 Zoom phone is easy to use and ideal for office workers
• Android 9.0
• 7" capacitive touch screen
• Zoom user interface
• Ultimate HD Sound, Yealink Noise Cancellation Technology
• Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
• 1 USB-A port, USB headset support
• Dual port Gigabit Ethernet, PoE support
• Support Zoom/Yealink Device Management Platform

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Yealink MP56 is a Zoom Edition IP phone with a 7-inch touch screen. Yealink MP56 Zoom intuitive communication enhances productivity as easily as a standard phone, speeding employee response and Zoom adoption. Yealink MP56 Zoom phone is easy to use and ideal for any which worker.
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The Yealink MP56 Zoom, certified as a Telephony Zoom Device, features both native Zoom Phone and Meeting capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly communicate with premium video, audio, and whiteboard features.
• Android 9.0
• Zoom user interface
• 7 inch LCD screen (800x480) / 5 point touch
• Magnetic cell phone
• Vociec HD sound, good noise cancellation
• Hands-free HD speakerphone with AEC and HAC
• Built-in Module Bluetooth4.2, Wi Fi 2.4G/5G dual band
• USB 2.0 type A port, Support USB Headset,
• Supports PoE and 2 dual Gigabit Ethernet ports,
• Support Zoom/ Microsoft/Yealink/Unify Square device management platform
The MP56's responsive 7-inch touchscreen displays a user-friendly and intuitive user interface with the built-in native Zoom app, allowing for simple tap-to-touch synchronization and meeting schedule management, helping Collaboration becomes efficient and easy to use.
Yealink MP56 for Zoom delivers the native Zoom experience on your desktop — professional. With a large 7-inch touch screen, MP56 Zoom Edition displays the familiar Zoom user interface and brings all your contacts, calendars, etc., MP56 Zoom seamlessly across devices. The phone supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi natively — wireless convenience. It gives you superior sound quality with Optima HD — along with Noise Canceling technology to eliminate surrounding distractions. Android 9.0-based operating system — just like using a smartphone.
The MP56-Zoom not only provides first-class sound quality from a hearing aid-compatible handheld device, but it also offers multiple ways to use the headset. Use a plug-and-play USB headset via the USB-A port, or use a wireless Bluetooth headset — or a hands-free HD speakerphone. Manage phones via both Zoom and Yealink Device Management Platforms.