Yealink MP58 WH IP phone

Yealink MP58-WH VoIP Phone (Bluetooth/WiFi) - Flexible, Good Price

Yealink MP58-WH smartphone for executives and professionals. The Yealink MP58 WH IP phone comes equipped with a wireless Bluetooth handset by default, giving users the flexibility to leave the desk phone while on a call.
• Android 9.0 . operating system
• 7'' capacitive touch screen
• Ultimate HD sound,
• Integrated Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi
• 2 USB Type A ports, USB headset support
• Dual port Gigabit Ethernet, PoE . support
• Support Yealink BTH58 wireless Bluetooth handset
• Support for Zoom/Yealink device management platform

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Yealink Microsoft Phone MP58-WH is designed to stay connected while working away from the desk. The Yealink MP58 WH phone features a cordless handset that provides portability and flexibility. Easily wander around the workspace while on calls and enjoy HD sound. Yealink MP58-WH can also be used with wireless Bluetooth headsets.
If you want to know about the power of Yealink MP58-WH, check out this article.
Yealink MP58-WH IP Phone is for professional users who demand more from their work phone!
- Android 9.0 OS
- 7 inch capacitive touch LCD display (1024 x 600)
- Optimized HD sound from Yealink noise cancellation technology
- Dedicated Microsoft Teams button
- Support the ability to upgrade the firmware to the SFB version
- Built-in Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi
- Support Yealink BTH58 . Wireless Handset
- Support EXP50 . expansion module
- 2 great USB Type-A ports for USB headsets
- 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and PoE . power supply support
- Support for Microsoft/Yealink/US/Yealink YMDP/YMCS/ U2 device management platforms
Yealink MP58-WH gives you a Microsoft Teams Certified desk phone with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth plus a wireless handset for ultimate convenience. The MP58-WH uses Android 9.0 as the operating system for a familiar, smartphone-like experience. With a 7-inch touch screen, the phone is as easy to use as a tablet. A dedicated Teams button gives you the convenience of launching Teams, answering calls, checking notifications, and more. The MP58-WH is fully compatible with easy Microsoft 365 integration with your daily workflow. If you want to integrate it with your SIP phone system, it will support multiple services in combined SIP and Teams mode at the same time.
The Yealink MP58-WH phone intuitively communicates productivity with ease with a standard phone layout that boosts employee responsiveness and Teams adoption.
Features of Yealink MP58 phone WH
- VoIP phone with Bluetooth and WiFi
    + Connect the Yealink MP58-WH to the network via an Ethernet cable, or use the built-in WiFi if you prefer a wireless connection. In addition to WiFi, Yealink MP58-WH-TEAMS also has Bluetooth 4.2, such as you can connect wireless headphones or easily synchronize mobile contacts.
- Turn off ambient noise
    + With Yealink MP58-WH, you can communicate easily even in noisy environments. The phone has Yealink Noise Proof and Acoustic Shield technology that mutes background noise. As a result, your voice is always clear and you are clearly understood by your interlocutor. Equipped with a HAC (hearing aid compatible) stethoscope, it is also suitable for people with hearing loss.
- Innovative wireless Bluetooth handset to dramatically increase your calling experience
    + To help users stay connected while working away from their desks, the mobility and versatile performance of communication devices are dynamically improved through innovative wireless connectivity. By supporting wirelxess bluetooth handset, MP58 frees your calling experience from sitting at your desk.
- Advanced and sophisticated HD audio technology, making every conversation clear and focused
    + The MP58-WH combines professional noise-cancelling hardware and software technology to deliver clear voice communications. Thanks to the Yealink Optima HD voice, Noise Canceling Technology and hardware of the full duplex hands-free speakerphone with the BTH58 wireless handset, the MP58 WH delivers a great audio experience in every call.
    + The Yealink MP58-WH also offers the ability to connect a monitor with an HDMI output. This way, you get even more out of your video meetings, and remote collaboration becomes a lot more fun and easier.
- PoE support
    + Yealink VoIP phones support Power over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) to be able to power over network cable. If you want to use PoE, you need a PoE switch. If you prefer a regular power adapter, you can order a separate Yealink power supply.
The Yealink MP58-WH IP phone gives executives and knowledge workers more flexibility in moving around their offices while on calls. Yealink MP58 WH users will experience exceptionally clear calls, even in noisy environments. Yealink MP58 will free your calling experience from sitting at your desk.