Yealink MShare screen sharing box

Yealink MShare screen sharing box

Yealink MShare features multiple inputs including HDMI and Mini DisplayPort for sharing content from a laptop or other computer - with audio sharing support. Yealink MShare Screen Sharing Box Certified by Zoom and Microsoft
• 1080P / 30FPS FHD in MJPEG . format
• Supports wired and wireless content sharing
• Built-in Wi-Fi AP for Yealink wireless presentation device
• 1 x HDMI video input
• 1 x Mini-DP video input
• 1 x USB2.0 Type-REMOVAL
• 1 x USB2.0 Type-A

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Yealink MShare content screen sharing box with both HDMI and Mini-DP inputs, it allows users to project content from laptop. Using Yealink WPP20 wireless presentation pod, users can present more flexibly. Just plug in Yealink WPP20 and you can share content with one click.
The Yealink MShare screen sharing box is equipped with wired USB, HDMI and mini-DP interfaces and helps bring them closer to the user in the "arm's length" area by connecting with a single wire
- Screen sharing, Full HD 1080P / 30FPS video
- Certified for use with MS Teams and Zoom
- Built-in 2.4G / 5GHz WiFi AP for wireless projection
- Various skins for different laptops/PCs
- Audio sharing support
   + 1 x HDMI video input
   + 1 x Mini-DP video input
   + 1 x USB2.0 Type-A port
   + 1 x USB2.0 Type-A port
The Yealink MShare device facilitates smooth, trouble-free, real-time projection with FHD 1080P/30fps and low-latency content sharing. The MShare presentation solution enhances collaboration and can be used on the device you're using, simply connect and share from your MacBook or PC, laptop. MShare supports multiple Interfaces for video & audio with HDMI and mini-DP ports for audio embedded screen sharing.
In addition, it has a fixed AP for wireless sharing that allows users to share their screen via Yealink WPP20 (sold separately) without additional router or configuration, additional network settings. Just plug-in and play with one click- before you know it's going to start sharing.