Yealink MSpeech speakerphone

Yealink MSpeech speakerphone

The Yealink MSpeech speakerphone integrates a matrix of three microphones and a 4W HD speaker that delivers HD clarity and excellent pickup range. Yealink Speaker MSpeech is compact, sleek design, 360° 20ft (6 meters) voice pickup range makes it easy to stay in control and focus on your work.

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Yealink MSpeech is a USB external speaker designed for medium-sized meeting rooms or individuals. The built-in Microphone array with three microphones can pick up conference audio dramatically. In addition, Yealink MSpeech Conference Equipment 360° voice coverage in a maximum radius of 6 meters, 4W HD speakers provide quality audio for the meeting room. The Yealink MSpeech conference speaker is the best meeting companion and provides users with a high-quality audio experience with acoustic echo cancellation technology.

What is Yealink MSpeech? Why did you choose Yealink MSpeech conference speakers?
Yealink MSpeech offers excellent voice audio experience and enjoy the best meeting quality.
- 4W . HD Speaker
- USB connection with included 1.8 meter cable
- Built-in 3 MEMS microphones for Calling Microsoft
- Built-in 7 MEMS microphones for speech recognition microphone
- Voice pick up range 6 meters
- Number of participants from 8 - 12 people
The Yealink MSpeech is a high-end USB/Bluetooth portable speaker ideal for mid-sized meeting rooms, personal use, and anytime, anywhere.
The compact speakerphone produces great sound and has no less than 3 360° microphones with integrated MEMS arrays. Connect MSpeech to your laptop, tablet or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth and your meeting can begin.
The Yealink MSpeech conference device is so elegant and discreet that you can take it anywhere, from your office to your client's office, where you want to enable audio or video conferencing (later) that uses it as an additional microphone on a laptop or tablet (even a customer's as it can be paired in seconds with any bluetooth device)