Yealink MVC S60 conference equipment set

Yealink MVC S60 - [TOP] 4k MVC S60 Conference Equipment Set, Good Price

Yealink MVC S60 helps bridge the gap for hybrid yet high-quality conversations and collaboration. Yealink MVC S60 Conference Kit for more comprehensive meetings, with no hidden attendees
- Multi-function smart camera SmartVision 60 360°
- 10k . panoramic wide-angle camera
- Mini PC MCore Pro
- MTouch Plus touch panel
- WPP30 . wireless presentation module

Mã Product: MVC S60

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The Yealink MVC S60 Video Conferencing System is a certified Microsoft Teams Room on Windows. The device is designed for smaller conference rooms. Yealink Smartvision MVC S60 with multi-focus, multiple individual streams can be streamed into a Microsoft Teams meeting for each meeting participant.
Everything you need for a professional team experience in a single device with Yealink MVC S60
Yealink Smartvision MVC S60 can be seen clearly, even in a mixed meeting, so every conversation can come alive and immersive.
- 360° 10K . panoramic wide-angle camera
- Hands-free meetings with Cortana
- Smart camera and microphone function
- Multi-function smart camera SmartVision 60
- Mini PC MCore Pro
- MTouch Plus touch console
- WPP30 . wireless presentation module
- Share content wirelessly 4K
- Elegant and compact design
With a 360-degree panoramic view Yealink MVC S60 provides attendees in the room with individual frames in a video library, Yealink MVC S60 is perfect for hybrid meetings to ensure all attendees all have the same experience even when they are not on site.