Yealink MVC320 Video Conferencing Kit

Yealink MVC320 Video Conferencing Kit

Yealink MVC320 is a native and easy-to-use video conferencing solution specifically designed for Microsoft Teams rooms. Yealink MVC320 conference equipment set includes MCore Mini-PC, MTouch II touch panel, 4K UVC30-Room USB Camera, MSpeech smart USB speakerphone to meet small and medium meeting room requirements

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Yealink MVC320 is a complete package for professional Microsoft Teams video conferencing in team rooms and small meeting rooms. The system includes an MCore mini-PC, MTouch II touch panel, UVC30-Room camera and MSpeech HD speakerphone to meet the requirements of small and medium meeting rooms.
Yealink MVC320 4K video conference room system of Microsoft Teams
The Yealink MVC320 conferencing device is designed with a user interface specifically for Microsoft Teams, easy to operate with almost zero value, and you just walk into the meeting room and start a team meeting or Skype for Business is up. previous calendar by one touch join. Yealink MVC320 is a suite that gives you everything you need for professional Microsoft Teams video conferencing in meeting rooms and small offices.
- The complete Microsoft Teams 4K video conferencing toolkit for small rooms
- 4K . resolution EPTZ camera
- 120° . wide field of view
- Portable HD speakerphone
- Record voice at 360° within a radius of 6 meters
- Management touch panel with large 8'' (20cm) touch screen
- Multi-connect mini PC to connect your devices
- Plug & Play system: easy and quick installation
- Microsoft Teams certified solution
The Yealink MVC320 HD Video Conferencing Room System delivers a native Microsoft Teams Room and Skype for Business meeting experience designed for medium spaces with 2 to 7 participants. The Yealink MVC320 room system is a complete solution with up to 4K/30FPS ePTZ camera, 8-inch color LCD panel, Mini i5 w/Windows 10 PC, MSpeech AI USB speaker with microphone array, video peripherals and cable.